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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Tales from florida"

A poem I wrote :-o

Riding through palm trees,
"Little Bit" by lykke lye in his ears,
Fingers steady stroking the keys
Of his phone telling people to stop their fears.
"No I won't get a tattoo in florida"
I forgot to mention that they're 21 boys and 15 girls behind him,
To which he is 1/15 responsible for, for he is 1 of 15 coaches.
And he is one of the 7 male coaches wondering
"Why is the cheer squad here? They sucked this season".
Bus pulls up the Disney's field, and 21 teal clad covered, and intimidating stares from most of them, step off the bus.
Along with 15 teal and orange loud ladies like "OMG, did you see that?!!?!?" From across the room loud.
Along with the the cheer coaches who I will decline to comment on..."Go Team"
And along with 6 football coaches, all tattooed atleast once, and arguing loud....with "Detroit Dolphins" on their chest.
Followed finally by a quiet kid, who thanked the driver, headphones on ears, with too much hair for the heat, half dreaded with a headband, with a fresh tattoo in his inner arm that the kids called him crazy for because they fail to understand what it means.......
Anyways, the team marches to the field, after a team photo, warms up, and prays
"God, let us win today, and let's us run good plays" (sounds like a bum prayer is if you ask me...but you didn't)
Detroit Dolphins vs The North Long Beach Panthers, with an iconic star player,
Iconic for talent, ironic because he's from detroit....I know right?
They played a hard fought game, and it went to the last play.
Clock rang 0:00 and Dolphins up by 2....
Everyone in teal, orange, and white was in the air like they flew....
Not far in the it was a low budget an air strike....except that's high budget....anyways....
The cheer team was happy although they didn't place (told you, they sucked)
The cheer coaches actually congradulated the team....for once (still refuse to comment)
The 21 players all did the stanky leg, or jerk, or w/e (too old to keep up)
The 6 coaches all huddled in a picture with the league excs, and smiled wide,
And that weird stoic kid with the hair headband and tattoo, just turned to the bleachers....and weeped alittle bit. Don't know'd have to ask him....
Day after, the team prepared back to Detroit....I realize why he'd do it too, if you had to bus back here

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