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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

F*Ck this

forget my last post entirely.
yes, i am livid
im sorry, but im sure i have a right to be.
just because i am understanding, doesnt mean i have to be happy with it; f*ck this.
just because it has a hole doesnt mean you can f*ck it.
and no, its done. theres no option to pick up where you left off, after your choice. im not dating you ever again. you made me think i had someone....
i dont believe in that "if you let it go, and it comes back" if you have to leave something, obviously it wasnt for you to begin with. there isnt that "lets pick back up", no just...dont touch me. ever.
cant believe i got all happy about this too.
and i hope you do feel like crap...actually i hope you feel like worse, because i dont want to feel the same as you. ugh.

anyways, i mad $191.61 today. Coinstarring n*ggaz, and im proud of it. too bad its gonna be like 20 dollars after i cover my bank over draft AND my xbox subscription fee. *sigh*.....smh, im so bad with money *shows arms and chest* guess no tattoo for me.

i'm skipping work tomorrow....if i have to go...i just...dont wanna be a d*ck to the not in it today..and wont be in the heat and bugs :-/ and with all that fundraising...smh...

i am so stressed....idk if i want this anymore...
this has easily been the worst summer of my 19 years.
my family is a wreck...and like the Uniter States, i see why everyone acts like they like us, then hoes us behind our mother's side is super paranoid, and my father's side is plain crazy...and i'm def caught inbetween that sh*t, and its most defiantly a good mix. not @ all.

if i had a dime for every thing that has gone wrong this summer, and took a dollar away for everything good that happend.....i would be a rich ass dude, CLEARLY in the green. :-/...even the girls who might date me, pull back in fear....certified...i'm an ugly n*, an ugly african american male (sorry, Meaghan)

i'm outtie, tired...and my grandmother came down to bitch about me only being allowed to sleep until 9am, then i gotta be awak the rest of the, right?


Monday, July 27, 2009


I'm happy.
I throughly enjoyed myself last night. I think I have a great girlfriend, and that's not me being cakey. That's me being honest.
Got the cakes? Oh yeah check that too. Lmao

On a side note, I saw Bruno. Now, I love Sasha Baron Cohen, but that was gay as hell. And I don't mean that as in stupid, I mean it as in homosexual. As in, penises swinging around and anal toys. Like.....omg *retches* I mean it was funny, but....just...omg ew. *retches again*

On another note, I hate chaldean men. All of them....except for like 3. Really. Sorry. I hate all chaldean women....except for Amy Asmar....I <3 her, throughly. :-)...but that's it. Ya'll triffling as hell, and fake. Stop acting black, ya'll not hood. Caught between acting black, and acting super white. Ugh. (I'll explain this tomorrow)

That's all I really had to say on this one.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Let's carry on into the light...

So, I am no longer single. I know I am as shocked as you are. And i'm only telling a couple people (like Constance, Meaghan, and some other women) because other people (like Stennett-esqe friends) would make fun of I. And I already catch enough from her, haha.

I found some new music. Fifa08, the video game has some banging songs. Not like super rap, but good enough that would make you hum, and bob your head. "The Core" by the Babamars is an example of one. Nice mellow song, progressive beat. Might have to move it to Drew Prince to get chopped and screwed. Lol.

I stand to receive about 600$ real soon. I think I know what to do with it.....BANK! Lol. Maybe one tat. But BANK!!!!. :-) idk if me and dino are like friends anymore, because I don't get anymore random outbursts from him, buttttt I should let him know that he prob will win our tattoo war. I'm burning out, lol.

I'm happy, I think. Or until I realized I forgot something. Like driving with out my wallet/ID and blowing out a tire. Hmm....well, i'm off the see this/these movies.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

When you work on....

When you work on making yourself pretty, you make yourself really ugly. I know someone so starved for limelight that they will reach out to any and everyone just to get it. It looks bad. But I won't ditch ya because of it because I love ya, and that scares me when I say that. Ha.....

The mixtape is stalling. Rob and I still need to find time to record. I need to find more time to write, and ball up so I don't laugh as i'm recording. Then we gotta get Cullen and who ever else wants to help to come over and lay down some verse, ya know? So we can get this lifted like John legend. Drew Prince is working magic on the beats and I appreciate it, mucho. Ya'll should check out his draft tape "The Progress Report". Its on Z-Share, and everything.

I had a date went well. Her name is Rian. She is really pretty. Not overwhelmingly pretty, but just enough to where I don't look @ her and feel bad that she got stuck with me. And most importantly, she is nice as heck. And gentile. Got another date Friday too. *cash register*

I got class in a few, so lemme cut this stennett (lol)


Saturday, July 18, 2009


Ok, I lied I'm back. I lied. I missed this sh*t. Lol. But its gonna be differnt. Much differnt. Hahah, but i'm back. Bout to make ya'll n*ggas SCREAM PHOENIX!!! ONE!!