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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Let's carry on into the light...

So, I am no longer single. I know I am as shocked as you are. And i'm only telling a couple people (like Constance, Meaghan, and some other women) because other people (like Stennett-esqe friends) would make fun of I. And I already catch enough from her, haha.

I found some new music. Fifa08, the video game has some banging songs. Not like super rap, but good enough that would make you hum, and bob your head. "The Core" by the Babamars is an example of one. Nice mellow song, progressive beat. Might have to move it to Drew Prince to get chopped and screwed. Lol.

I stand to receive about 600$ real soon. I think I know what to do with it.....BANK! Lol. Maybe one tat. But BANK!!!!. :-) idk if me and dino are like friends anymore, because I don't get anymore random outbursts from him, buttttt I should let him know that he prob will win our tattoo war. I'm burning out, lol.

I'm happy, I think. Or until I realized I forgot something. Like driving with out my wallet/ID and blowing out a tire. Hmm....well, i'm off the see this/these movies.


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