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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

When you work on....

When you work on making yourself pretty, you make yourself really ugly. I know someone so starved for limelight that they will reach out to any and everyone just to get it. It looks bad. But I won't ditch ya because of it because I love ya, and that scares me when I say that. Ha.....

The mixtape is stalling. Rob and I still need to find time to record. I need to find more time to write, and ball up so I don't laugh as i'm recording. Then we gotta get Cullen and who ever else wants to help to come over and lay down some verse, ya know? So we can get this lifted like John legend. Drew Prince is working magic on the beats and I appreciate it, mucho. Ya'll should check out his draft tape "The Progress Report". Its on Z-Share, and everything.

I had a date went well. Her name is Rian. She is really pretty. Not overwhelmingly pretty, but just enough to where I don't look @ her and feel bad that she got stuck with me. And most importantly, she is nice as heck. And gentile. Got another date Friday too. *cash register*

I got class in a few, so lemme cut this stennett (lol)


1 comment:

  1. when the mixtape drops, you already know I want it.

    And I remember a while back you stayed away from the dating scene. Well always remember. Girls like buses. Miss one. NEXT 15 ONE's COMING


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