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Monday, July 27, 2009


I'm happy.
I throughly enjoyed myself last night. I think I have a great girlfriend, and that's not me being cakey. That's me being honest.
Got the cakes? Oh yeah check that too. Lmao

On a side note, I saw Bruno. Now, I love Sasha Baron Cohen, but that was gay as hell. And I don't mean that as in stupid, I mean it as in homosexual. As in, penises swinging around and anal toys. Like.....omg *retches* I mean it was funny, but....just...omg ew. *retches again*

On another note, I hate chaldean men. All of them....except for like 3. Really. Sorry. I hate all chaldean women....except for Amy Asmar....I <3 her, throughly. :-)...but that's it. Ya'll triffling as hell, and fake. Stop acting black, ya'll not hood. Caught between acting black, and acting super white. Ugh. (I'll explain this tomorrow)

That's all I really had to say on this one.


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