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Friday, April 10, 2009

"You Lost One....." (revised)

Well I had a nice post to enter today. It was gonna be about me giving up track for Korfball. Besides the cool name, it looks like a mix between Basketball with out a backboard, Lacross with the behind the net action, and hand ball with the no dribble movement. You play with what looks like a soccer ball. Looks wicked hard, but fun. I'll revisit this.

So this chick, Kelly, was about to give me her #. And I goofed that up. I said "if you wanna, that's up to you. Better yet, I'll send the ringer to your email address." yeah, that was a gaff. So I got another chance with this 20 year old and it happened. I got her #. She's cute. Looks a lot like Rashida Jones. And I have a major crush on Rashida Jones. Ugh I know. Sad. Anyways. So this girl was my friend, or so I thought. Come to find out, she was being super "Pontius Pilate" about it. (that's my good Friday cheer) she pretty much just blasted me. Calling me "creepy", and "odd", and "stalkerish". Hmm, you gave my your # and email address to talk to you. I only emailed you when I couldn't make it to class. I never called you, and texted you once, to say "hello! :-)" (I remember because it was 2 days ago, and that's how I greet all girls virtually) but I'm a creep and a stalkerish? Ok. Ya know what, f*ck you. Yes, I mean that. Dirty ass, skank ass, nasty h* dirty motherf*cker. That's some SUPREME H* SH*T. We are in COLLEGE, YOU ASS. If you have one problem that's fine. But if its continuous, tell me dammit. Then I'd stop. But to continue to say sh*t, and act like nothing is wrong.....f*ck is wrong with you? Ugh. Whatever. I'm through with it. Dirty....ugh. And the chick who told me? She can go f*ck herself too. Fat ass wanna be cute looking hoochie wannabe ugly b*tch.......yes I'm that annoyed. This went on for a YEAR. So you couldn't have told me this first semester so I wouldn't have to deal with this Bullsh*t. Ugh.

Anyways, back to Korfball. It looks fun. Like real fun. Like I might recruit your ass to come play it with me. Over in Belgium or the Netherlands. Or where ever. Be heros and sh*t.

Ok, I'll make this brief. I am appologizing for a previous post. Although I am still alittle annoyed about, not that much but enough, I shouldn't have been super candid. Although, the person still was in the wrong, as was I. That's all I'm saying on that front. And if you don't accept it.......that's your fault, cause that's about as good as it will get.

I'm mad still (from the recent incident) but whatever. I'm gonna sleep on it, then get to going on this power point.

HOB UP!!!!!!

P.s: you know who I'm talking about.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Was Raped.....With Words.

ok, first things first.
i said before, so i'll say it again.
i am a laid back dude. super laid back.
but if i get pissed off, i'm not gonna show it. i'll blog about it
then i'll be fine....*AHEM* someone knew this, and still chose to exhibit some kinda of ire, albeit not
big on my page.....its cool....ANYWAYS.....

I faked my last class of Photo....glad thats overwith.

I love instrumentals......


for some reason i cant stop listening to them.....

ok, im sure you're wondering about the title.
today, i was @ Caribou Coffee just eating, nothing too big. chips and some pretzels.
so as i walked in, there was this cute chick who was sitting @ a table, and an old man sitting about 2 tables way. i sat in between them. as soon as a sat down the lady smiled nicely, and packed up immediately. she whispered "thank you", and jetted away.....i was baffled...thought she was being sarcastic.... the old dude turned around and said "have a nice day, ma'am" she kinda hurried off and didnt say anything.

he turned to me and was like "she isnt to friendly, huh?"
me: "ha, yeah probably a bad day"
man: "so you come here often?"
(ok i shoulda know right then this guy is a creeper, but because he was old, i kinda just let it alone. )
me: "uh not so much, maybe after school"
man: "oh school, your a student?"
me: "yes sir"

then he left me alone for like 30-40 min. i was busy digging up instrumentals

then all of the sudden,
man: "oh, do you mind if i have some pretzels?"
me: "sure"

dude went to work on my pretzels.
then my hand hit his by accident.
i didnt look him in the face....its kinda like the urinal rule...
you dont look someone in the face there....but whatever.

then about 5 min later
man: "so do you have a girlfriend?"
me: "excuse me?"
man: "you seem like an attractive young man"
(i noticed just then he was no sitting @ my table, and kinda closer than i would have liked)
man: "so you dont?"
me: "i dont really think thats any of your business, sir"
man: "oh come on"

then i walked away, and bought something (A Hot Apple Blast)
and saw he was glancing @ My Laptop.....

Me: "Oh Hell No......"

so i faked a phone calle by playing my ringtone loud as heck ("RootZilla Beez" ~ BY DJ RastaRoot....yes Rob, i did do that), and sounded mad.

packed up my stuff and left with out a word.....

then i told my cousin what happend.
like most good cousins she blurted it out front of all my co-workers.... will be awesome thursday, ugh..... off to do god knows what.....moral of the story
"Dont wear headphones infront of old men.....its f*cked up"

HOB UP!!!!1



Monday, April 6, 2009

What the F*ck?!?!?!

I hate math. So much. It isn't funny. Not anymore, atleast. I am boarderline FAILING math. I just freaked before the test today and forgot the whole chapter. It was awful.

(this eastern European lady keeps lookin @ me...she's cute. Except for that accent. Sounds like one of those evil chicks off of James Bond. That aint cute...nope)

If this whole dating thing don't work, I will seriously go to E-Harmony. That will work. I'm sure of it. I just don't like paying. That's too much money. Almost like mail-order bride. Ugh. But its better then getting sh*t on by random hoes. Like the possibility that this chick who I met @ state through a friend, could possibly open up heaven and "Holy Sh*t" on "Mah Fayse!" but riddle me this though: "if when your name is brought up, and the girl/boy smiles and doesn't say anything, then what does that mean?"

I am a legit 4.4 guy.....when I am healthy and not bloated from food. I found a speed camp. Guy trained Braylon Edwards, Larry Foote, and almost all the other Detroit area football players. Coach Muhamed introduced me. The guy was super tough on me. Excited about my vert though. I impressed him. :-)

I am a sports fan, so I won't comment on the NCAA championship tonight. All I will say is, congrats to who ever wins, and great season to who ever doesn't. I will add that Tyler Hansbrough is a f*cking tool, who does his hair before games. Ass clown.

But I'm out. This post was quick.
I told you I won't be on here so much. School is building up, I need summer courses, I need to condition more for track, etc. Maybe more and more. Ugh.

HOB UP!!!!

P.s: AMP Energy: Lightning (lemonade) is great. Its my pick me up. I need it. I'm depressed.


Sunday, April 5, 2009

RootZilla Beez

What I learned at Michigan State: your bike can be f*cked and STILL chained to the bike rack.

I had a good weekend. Whether it was intended to be like that or not. Rossi is my best (male) friend. I owe him. A lot. I shoulda just stayed with him to begin, like I planned. I really think I bothered him, a lot. Felt kinda like an ass. The only thing that I could say went wrong is the fact I took my laptop, so I left my charge cord. Dumb, I know. But hey, we had fun watching netflix videos. I passed out around 4. Someone had the nerve to think I was gonna walk over to the place @ 2 in the morn. Yeah, I already don't know where the hell I'm going. Rossi is a 2nd semester transfer, so he doesn't really know where he is too much. That futon in there is nice. Anyways, Nury's weird self didn't tell me she had a bf. So, she invited me over to her dorm....with her, I'm fine thank you. I had to bust out my tigger slippers. Uh huh!

My meet was not so great. My 100m was just plain ass awful. My 200m was better but I ran out of gas near the end of it.....NO JUICY! (Robert). I saw my ex. She was looking kinda cute. Kinda. She still had that look, like..."wtf?", but she did recognize me first. And she did go away, then come back to talk. It was kinda cute. I did ho her.... Thrice. She got me back though, so it was good. She wouldn't help me up, stating that I was walking, even though I had wrecked my groin. Its because I have high pain tolerance. But whatever. I think I ran a decent 200. Best of the year. I know that. Because it was outdoor. Psh, haha.

I'm still kinda steemed about how Friday went down, but w/e. That's life I guess. Thanks, Rossi. Hell of a weekend.

I'm gonna go back to bed.

HOB UP!!!!

P.s: I THINK I might have found a girlfriend.....Spring Arbor?


Friday, April 3, 2009

Awesome, seriously

"best day of 2009" haha, no. Today was like one of the worse days ever. Thanks to the person I was rooming with. That had to be one of THE worst decisions ever. I can't feel my hands. Had to pee outside in like 30 degree weather (plus the wind blowing factor). Was not allowed into the room, by the person I was supposed to be staying with, because I couldn't walk like a mile and a half in like 45 minutes. Mind you, a mile and a half not knowing where I am. But whatever, I'm happy. Hanging out and doing the original plan. With my bff, Alex Francis Rossi. :-). Watching movies on my Netflix, and just eating pizza. "OMG, did you see that nipple?!?" ~ Rossi. I'll update on this later.

P.s: thanks, Sib


Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Today sucked so bad, its not funny. Nor is it over. First off, I went to bed way too early yesterday (6PM), because I didn't feel too well. Then I woke up @ 11PM, and decided "lemme watch TV and get ready". Took a shower, all that. I was all clean, daper looking. Hair picked out, FRESH. (yes I can look, fresh. Its a matter of whether I want to). Then I decide to rid myself of "body hair" with the exception of facial and head hair. Yes, that includes the groin, arm pits, and butt/gooch/taint region. It was a failing success. Worked because the hair is gone. Failed because now I have razor bumps on my groin. Trust me, they are razor bumps, nothing else. I've seen the others. Then I was shaving part of my facial hair (to maintain my "none on front, a lot on bottom" beard, if you wanna call it that) when my father kicks in the door. Startles the hell outta me. Razor cuts deep into my chin. So now, here I am, shirtless, bleeding, trying to hold up my towel. My dad laughs and walks out. Idk why he did it. I just know he did, and that was a huge d*ck head move. So I band-aid that mug and am on my way. I decided that @ 6:30 am, I would nap until 8:30, then bike to school. Class was @ 10. Thats more then enough time to get to class. Its 9:50 when I wake up. My grandmother is in my room, screaming at me. Mind you, I wasn't @ her house. So she drove all the way from Eastside Detroit/Grosse Pointe to Westside Detroit to virtually just tell at me, and move my room around. So she does this until 10:24, so really now I'm late. So she drops me off there. And I get to class. Yay pop quiz! Not prepared. @ all. So as I am about to take this quiz. My band-aid kinda itches. I figure, I don't feel anymore runniness. Maybe my band-aid has absorbed all the blood. So I get ready to take it off, but winch in pain. You would to if a band-aid was on your facial hair. So a friend asks if I need help. I said sure. As she is about to yank it off, I said nevermind. I only got out "neverm-" blood shot down. All on the quiz, desk and some on her hand. "F*ck" she exclaimed. The teacher go make more copies because 1) he didn't make extras, because he figured that we wouldn't need them, and 2) he was affraid of catching AIDS. Hmm, yeah thanks. I know what that's says about me. Then, we have a stupid ass tornado drill. THE worst safety drill I have ever been apart of. EVER. I'm just gonna leave it there. And my day isn't over yet. Now I got these papers to type. UGH. I better be able to go to this meet, or I will be on America's most wanted.....or something like that.


p.s: my butt doesn't have any razor bumps. (no homo)