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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Was Raped.....With Words.

ok, first things first.
i said before, so i'll say it again.
i am a laid back dude. super laid back.
but if i get pissed off, i'm not gonna show it. i'll blog about it
then i'll be fine....*AHEM* someone knew this, and still chose to exhibit some kinda of ire, albeit not
big on my page.....its cool....ANYWAYS.....

I faked my last class of Photo....glad thats overwith.

I love instrumentals......


for some reason i cant stop listening to them.....

ok, im sure you're wondering about the title.
today, i was @ Caribou Coffee just eating, nothing too big. chips and some pretzels.
so as i walked in, there was this cute chick who was sitting @ a table, and an old man sitting about 2 tables way. i sat in between them. as soon as a sat down the lady smiled nicely, and packed up immediately. she whispered "thank you", and jetted away.....i was baffled...thought she was being sarcastic.... the old dude turned around and said "have a nice day, ma'am" she kinda hurried off and didnt say anything.

he turned to me and was like "she isnt to friendly, huh?"
me: "ha, yeah probably a bad day"
man: "so you come here often?"
(ok i shoulda know right then this guy is a creeper, but because he was old, i kinda just let it alone. )
me: "uh not so much, maybe after school"
man: "oh school, your a student?"
me: "yes sir"

then he left me alone for like 30-40 min. i was busy digging up instrumentals

then all of the sudden,
man: "oh, do you mind if i have some pretzels?"
me: "sure"

dude went to work on my pretzels.
then my hand hit his by accident.
i didnt look him in the face....its kinda like the urinal rule...
you dont look someone in the face there....but whatever.

then about 5 min later
man: "so do you have a girlfriend?"
me: "excuse me?"
man: "you seem like an attractive young man"
(i noticed just then he was no sitting @ my table, and kinda closer than i would have liked)
man: "so you dont?"
me: "i dont really think thats any of your business, sir"
man: "oh come on"

then i walked away, and bought something (A Hot Apple Blast)
and saw he was glancing @ My Laptop.....

Me: "Oh Hell No......"

so i faked a phone calle by playing my ringtone loud as heck ("RootZilla Beez" ~ BY DJ RastaRoot....yes Rob, i did do that), and sounded mad.

packed up my stuff and left with out a word.....

then i told my cousin what happend.
like most good cousins she blurted it out front of all my co-workers.... will be awesome thursday, ugh..... off to do god knows what.....moral of the story
"Dont wear headphones infront of old men.....its f*cked up"

HOB UP!!!!1




  1. if u would have stayed five more minutes he would have offered you candy and a trip to ur van and then u woulda been in the real life version of throw some d's on that (rapist van remix)

  2. trip to his van

  3. when can I get in?


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