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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Today sucked so bad, its not funny. Nor is it over. First off, I went to bed way too early yesterday (6PM), because I didn't feel too well. Then I woke up @ 11PM, and decided "lemme watch TV and get ready". Took a shower, all that. I was all clean, daper looking. Hair picked out, FRESH. (yes I can look, fresh. Its a matter of whether I want to). Then I decide to rid myself of "body hair" with the exception of facial and head hair. Yes, that includes the groin, arm pits, and butt/gooch/taint region. It was a failing success. Worked because the hair is gone. Failed because now I have razor bumps on my groin. Trust me, they are razor bumps, nothing else. I've seen the others. Then I was shaving part of my facial hair (to maintain my "none on front, a lot on bottom" beard, if you wanna call it that) when my father kicks in the door. Startles the hell outta me. Razor cuts deep into my chin. So now, here I am, shirtless, bleeding, trying to hold up my towel. My dad laughs and walks out. Idk why he did it. I just know he did, and that was a huge d*ck head move. So I band-aid that mug and am on my way. I decided that @ 6:30 am, I would nap until 8:30, then bike to school. Class was @ 10. Thats more then enough time to get to class. Its 9:50 when I wake up. My grandmother is in my room, screaming at me. Mind you, I wasn't @ her house. So she drove all the way from Eastside Detroit/Grosse Pointe to Westside Detroit to virtually just tell at me, and move my room around. So she does this until 10:24, so really now I'm late. So she drops me off there. And I get to class. Yay pop quiz! Not prepared. @ all. So as I am about to take this quiz. My band-aid kinda itches. I figure, I don't feel anymore runniness. Maybe my band-aid has absorbed all the blood. So I get ready to take it off, but winch in pain. You would to if a band-aid was on your facial hair. So a friend asks if I need help. I said sure. As she is about to yank it off, I said nevermind. I only got out "neverm-" blood shot down. All on the quiz, desk and some on her hand. "F*ck" she exclaimed. The teacher go make more copies because 1) he didn't make extras, because he figured that we wouldn't need them, and 2) he was affraid of catching AIDS. Hmm, yeah thanks. I know what that's says about me. Then, we have a stupid ass tornado drill. THE worst safety drill I have ever been apart of. EVER. I'm just gonna leave it there. And my day isn't over yet. Now I got these papers to type. UGH. I better be able to go to this meet, or I will be on America's most wanted.....or something like that.


p.s: my butt doesn't have any razor bumps. (no homo)


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  1. Even though it wasn't sucessful (for you), I kinda shaving...down there. Any tips? And shit will get better Fletcher. Just hang in there.


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