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Friday, February 27, 2009

Only on these days.

That's my bear, chaucer. My other bear, Bear, is @ my grandma's. I will put one up here of him. He is cool. They both are. I <3 them. Got a problem with it? I'll kill you..... *grim face*

It does feel good not have to run today, but it also feels akward. Like a fish out of water. Every Friday almost, I had a meet or something like one that I was prepping for. But not this week, nope. Just piggin out, slightly.

My breath is gonna be killer. Just ate a bag of doritos: cooler rancher, and a bag of sour cream and onion ruffles. Good thing I bought mints. I'm gonna need them.

I'm glad we got outta class early, I didn't wanna stay in that wack room. With all those chicks. Even Dawn. She seems alittle stuck up. Then again, I seem pretty to myself, to people who don't know me. Whatever. That lady in cafe who was in my class, finally recognized who I was, and stopped acting all distant and mean as hell. Good. Because I WAS ABOUT TO JAW THAT B*TCH IN A not really, but ya know.

Yesterday (and partially today) I reconnected with 3 friends. Danae O Florias, Devin F Marsh, and India D Smith. Awwww. I needed to. I can't just go through my own stuff and take it out on people. That's f*cked up. Really. Even if India got that Stank Jungle Bunny Breath. Ugh, HA!

Saw some people from Cranbrook yesterday. I was really about to jaw this girl, no lie, and I don't hit women....unless it in there G-spot. Ugh haha. But she was talking all over "Lupe The Killer"......which is my jam. And it wasn't like I was playing my music out loud. I had my headphones, and B*tch still was yacking away, loudly. Her boys saw that I wa getting annoyed by the dirty looks I was giving her. They tried to tell her, "but she didn't wanna heard them" so.....*wham* I JAWED THAT B*TCH SO CRUCIAL......nah, but it played out in my head, like an Afro Samurai scene, except only with my hands. I f*cked them white dudes (and chick) up. Haha.

Ok, India you can live with out cool ranch.....but can you live with out your cl*t? That's what cool ranch doritos is to society. The little bud to be stroked over and over and over again......for some reason that made me violently ill.

I'm not wearing a bandana today! Yay! And I actually picked out my hair....that's means I'll wear it with my headband today in class.... WHEE!!!! :-D

But class will begin in 40 min. People are showing up, so I gotta talk to them.

HOB UP!!!!!


P.P.S: Your Cl*t, India YOUR CL*T!!!

Outtie 5000Funny. The Friday I DON'T have a meet, I get good news. That news being I received 110 poi ya out of a possible 116 in my aerobics/pilates class. Uh huh. The lady hugged me, too. Wtf? B*tch get off me, I don't wanna get charged with RAP-E.

I got new shoes. They look like Fire.....they cold as heck. They had them in blue and black, but in reverse. Idk if they are hooping shoes, but I know they are low tops. So I prob won't be hooping in those.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Man, I hate my dad. I know we are similar. But that don't mean I like that n*gga. And I've had it up to here *points to head* with his ass. All he does is complain about what I don't do. All the time. I guess I don't do anything right to him, then. Maybe I should have gone with my mother, instead.

Southlake was fun. The kids I guess trust me more now, after last week. Shame I'm not gonna see them next week, when the publishing is about to finish. I'll get just getting back from Ohio. One of those girls thinks I like her. I don't. But she is cute, though, won't lie. She started walking in front of me, switching, and bending over so her clevage was exposed. I was like "why are you doing this?" in my head. I just ignored her. The first class actually asked me for help. I felt useful. :-D. They thought I was funny, and they found out I ran track and was asking me all these questions. Some kid challenged me to a race. His school is going to a race I will be @......oh its time, baby.....i'mma get in THAT AZZ!....haha.

I am really sick. My sleep pattern has been knocked off course. I hurt all over. I hope I didn't catch immune system is sh*t poor now. I might have the flu, again, too. I don't ever feel good anymore. My lower back kills. My groin feels a little better, though, and my shoulder hurts so bad, I can't put this stuff on my back to stop the break outs. I have these mad bumps I gotta get ride of by summer, or else I can't take off my shirt.....ewww. I was told its not as bad as my grandpa's though.....which sickens me even more.

I finally sent away my netflix and gamefly games. Bring on Street Fighter (game fly) and Mission Hill Season2 and Afro Samurai Season 1 (netflix). Looking back on it now, idk why I even asked for Afro Samurai season 1. I watched on TV.....I guess I just need to own it...for a little.

My father's co-worker is wild as heck.....omg. Like wow. "you don't wanna be working with those kids when one of those girls rubs her big ole titties on your shoulder, and she's really 17 or 18, and your like 'damn!!!' And then your waking up the next day, sick and probably in trouble for sleeping with your student, and your thinking 'damn, shouldn't have f*cked that b*tch." I had no rebuttal for all. Haha.

I'm done. Waiting for grandma.
I'm gonna pass out now

HOB UP!!!!!

P.s: My name is Fletcher Sharpe....and I'm a micro-fiend. :-)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hanging with doo-doo brown

Man, I'm out here with D-scrub aka Darrick, aka now known as Doo-Doo Brown. N*gga can't stop pooping. Ugh! Nasty!

We hooped today. Went 6 and 2. He got his superstar meter up, and canned shot after shot. I made mine. Also made some sweet ass passes.

This dude keeps calling me "Mr. Carter" I'm gonna kill him. He means lil Wayne, because I want dreads, and my 6 tattoos.....I'm killing this dude, I swear to Moses.

We're on the people mover...#10. It keeps popping and making other noises. I'm actually kinda scared for my life. :-O

I would bone girl while riding in front of the Detroit river @ night. Its so romantic. Awww. The server/waitress was nice. We left her 9$ tip. yeah, we're big ballers.....although Darrick admitted to having a little meat. Haha!
(me: awww, he hit you in your mini meats?
Darrick: *shakes head yes*)

This guy on the people mover is taking to himself. I don't feel comfortable. He is having a full conversation with 3 other dudes. Handshakes and all. Every hand gesture I can think of. Wow, crazy ish, right there.

Darrick and I are the ONLY 2 people on the People Mover. Its kinda creepy. Like wow.....never thought that would happen this early.

This dude just blocked us in the elevator. He assumed we were going down a floor with him and his girl, his nice tanned girlfriend. I was gonna sock him in his jaw. I was acting straight ignorant. Haha. Not funny. :-(.

My shoulder kills. A lot. I tried to *zap* a ball of this kid while I was falling out of bounds......and I didn't need to.....and my shoulder just snapped when I threw it back.

Ugh, my uncle is in the car. I hate that n*gga. Ugh. Ewww.
Darrick is getting out of the car, and I am running out of things to say

HOB UP!!!!!

P.s: southlake tomorrow. Yay!

I send poems from time to

<I wrote this from my phone, off the dome....its not so great, gets its point across.....will be facebook-ing it later....enjoy, I guess>

------Rest In Peices------
(I've been seeing a lot of RIPs in people's status and in their display names, and that disturbs me....thought about me dying....wondered what people would say.....I thought for something)

"My headstone reads here lies a dude, wrapped in scars and burns/
May he decompose quick and the insides disappear to rotten worms/
For no one will be qouting Rest in peace Fletcher or Santana or any RIP/
Matter of fact, the closest acronym I might get would be S.H.I.T./
Ha, but seriously, most of my impacts have been for the worse/
Not many people would too sad to see that SF Hearse/
Most probably would just take something and immerse/
Themselves into something, or ask for a re-imburse/
Of all the time, tears, money, and fears spent with "Ink7"/
Probably laughing anyways, "That n*gga aint goin to heaven"/
....and you right, I'm probably not, but still not point in case/
I'm sure there will be people out there, my memory they try and erase/
For I know so, they do it today, and I have yet to croak/
Just imagine if I were to swallow down a fork, I'm my throat/
But still, I'm sure there will be the few who will be offended/
Because I spoke about them as if their opinion had been removed, and others amended/
But to you, all I have to say is something short, and quick/
"Where were you when I was alive and well? I needed you when I was needy and sick/"
Yes, I meant that, and it came from my "Uni-bunal"/
For I already know, off hand, I will have the loneliest funeral/"






HOB UP!!!!
Outtie 5000

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Man, we got our asses handed to us in the championship game. Our best player just turned it off and didn't care until we were down by like 15. We lost 74-59. I went 2/4 with a sweet fade-a-way, and had 3 rebounds, and 9 assists. Yes, 9 assists. I pass very well. I had 2 turnovers, though, one after I shook this kid, and then he stole the ball from behind. Well, I am kinda happy we didn't. The prize was just a small sized T-shirt. I would just cut the sleeves off, and worn it for track. Ugh, oh well. Atleast we made it that far. Their guy got hot too, 4 straight 3's on 4 straight possessions. And a half court shot at the end of the 3rd. And he called glass, too. Damn....ugh.

I am so sick. Ugh. Last night my mouth filled with mucus; it was ass nasty. I thought I was gonna choke. It was gross. I reconnected with a friend yesterday, Marty E. Watson. It was kinda cute. Awww.

My back is out. I took a charge, and got a no call, and my back just slammed on the ground. I was too mad @ the time to say "oww" or anything. But now, omg, it hurts. Going along with my groin, and the sickness, and I look like I was in the hospital. AND I have a random burn on my neck. Wtf? It hurts too. Its not even one of the cool looking scar burns, its just dark skin, like it looks like I didn't wash it.

There are A LOT of chaldeans who work at the market. They are either like the fake black chaldo men, or the fake fixed up chaldo women. Its kinda sad. They are kinda fake as a race. I hate them....all of them except for like 4 people. And one of them is half.

DAMN!!!! This store is like 90% chaldean! Wtf!?!?!? Like the only black people are working the bagging area. Awww, bomb ass! That's low as hell, dude.

Coach muhamed called. Father of Mushin Muhamed, the NFL wide reiceiver. He congradulated me on my race Saturday. :-D. He is coming to my next indoor meet, the 13th of March... D-': I don't want him to watch me run with a messed up back, groin, and sickness. :-(

I bought body wash! Yay! More body wash! Still won't help with my back acne. :-'(. Its not good. I need to get that fixed ASAP. With out my grandma seeing my chest or shoulder.

I got groceries to put up.
Hope my back goes ok.


P.s: no I did not vote today. So shoot me. N*gga.

Monday, February 23, 2009

"Dyno With The Black Mag"

The weekend was so uneventful. Well, ok, take that back. Sunday was so uneventful. We all know what happened Saturday. Unless you didn't read the before post.....and if you didn't, why are you reading this one? Whatever, thank you anyways. I found 2 big time meets. Out of state, that I might get to go to. In Ohio. One @ Cedarville University. The other at THE Ohio State University. Both are outdoor, so naturally I'm geeked for them. My last indoor meet is March 13th @ MCC. You should come.....if your reading this, anyways. I won't be teary eyed because I only like the 60m indoor. The 200m is too much like the 400m, so I can't run it. Makes me kinda mad, and alittle embarresed by these dudes who rattle off like 21.8s indoor and outdoor.

My father's secratary's (or how ever you spell it) daughter ran in the Olympics. She didn't place in the top 3 but hey, getting there......I'll suck your d*ck....well....not like physically, but you understood that, right? She runs professionally. Going around the world and stuff. That sh*t sounds fun as heck. I want to do that now. Yes. I am going to work harder I promise that. A job where all I gotta do is lift, eat right, and run against other dudes? That's sweet as hell. And I get paid for making the finals? (more for winning) boy howdy! I might ask to talk to her. Not like that, I mean to ask for tips and stuff.

I think I have a thing for middle eastern and mediterrian women. That means (to me): chaldeans, Indians, women of Pakistan, Greeks, (Actual) Italians, and any of that sort. Idk why either. They just.....have this look.....where its like "omg, you FAHYNE as heck" and most times they don't have much of a reaction back, with the exception of a couple, or they have the reaction of one ACS (love you too, dollface) "I never really liked you, you were not cute. You just seemed nice, and ok @ the time" I have many rebuttals to that, but I'll limit it to one. "why you let me shoot off in your mouth, and you swallow some of it, if you aint like me?" and I'm just gonna leave it there. I'm sure there are many plausible reasons for that.

I like blogging from my phone. It let's me add stuff in that I see as I am going. Like how this chick keeps eying me from the lounge area. She needs to quit. She looks like one of them "I love you, but you aint sh*t" women, and I don't need that. Because I won't hit, but I'll cuss a b*tch out. Not that she is one, but I get that vibe that might be the case.

I just embarresed myself. So bad. Its not funny. I actually probably turned red too. I was just in the cafe, about to get a spoon, remember that little fact. I was looking for said spoon. I don't wanna drink my apple sauce in front of people. That doesn't build character, or as Maria (Khan) told me, "it makes people think you don't care about your public image". And I asked the lady behind the register where the spoons were. She told me where, and I thanked her. I did not know there were 3 really cute girls, 2 negro y 1 blanco. The cutest was this black girl about 5'5 lighter skinned, with a cute ass smile. She walked ahead of me to the area where the untensils were. I looked down @ a text I got. *Crash* we collided. In an akward position. Like private areas touching. She was trying to move forward, and me backward. Didn't do any better. Then she was like "what do you want? I'll get it from here" assuming that I was going to the untensil area. But because she collided, and my privates were alittle sore. My breath was a little rushed, and I said in a raspy, soft, hoarse voice "I want a spoon" but it came out sounding like "I wanna spoon" she was like "WHAT!?!?!?" I then said "I mean the eatty thing!" and then I made the most rediculous hand motion for using a spoon. She looked like she wanted to laugh but couldn't. I felt so ashamed, that I quickly took my spoon, and dashed off. Boy.....that discourages me from talking to girls for the rest of today. Ugh.

My mother just notified me that they might be able to get me to and from those meets. Solid. I hope they can. I wanna showcase my stuff to all the schools. :-)

This student instructer doesn't really help many people. She just makes us sign in so she has names to return back. Who said Asians aren't clever? That's pretty sneaky there. She's kinda cute too if you get past the whole broken English thing, and the fact if your a male, and you look her in the face for longer than 2 min, she blushes and looks down.

I actually might totally consider getting "Zweihänder" (German for "Two Handed") across my fingers or knuckles. The only reason I am not, is because of 1) its totally visible, and not suited for business and 2) it a a 10 letter word. "Einhänder" works better but that defeats the purpose of getting it on both knuckles, when Einhänder means "One handed" (get it?) I'd only be able to get "Einhänder" on both arms.....seperatly.....I'd look like a tool with the same word on each forearm/back of bicep. Tools aren't cool.

Class is about to start.
I hate math. End.


P.s: the pretty lady sat next to me!!! Its high school all over again......except with girls included. HAHA!

Outtie 5000

Saturday, February 21, 2009

"I eat Chocolate Bar N*ggaz....

You's a......Chocolate Bar...N*gga." ~ Tubesteak

I am mad as all hell. I PR-ed in the 60meter dash. I got 11th outta 13. Idc about that. I ran a 7.3(3) but I was so close to a 7.2(9). The dude, Mike Awada, aka "Monster", toremented me all year. He ran 7.12. I ran 7.4. Finally. I ran my PR. He ran 7.29. I could have beat him.....that makes me swell with pride. Pacari came with me, so although all my Michigan friends couldn't make it (hoes) I had someone to keep it light with. :-)

Some dude, Adam Harris , was an Olympic runner in Beijing in 2008.....yes he ran in the Olympics. And he was in this meet. He looked like a line backer. And had the 2008 Olympic tattoo......that's dumb...but whatever. He ran.....a friggen 6.6 flat. That's insane. Omg I doubled taked and the screen and the scoreboard. He was flying! "N*gga, you Jesus?"

I hurt my groin, again. In the 200. It Darrick said I should rest. I told him to go eat a butthole. He's right though. I do need a rest. My next meet is 3/13 @ Macomb. So from today until about next Friday, 27th, I am not running @ all. No lifting, no nothing. Just rest, and heat, and relief. :-) yay!

I blew it with Dessi yesterday. I am so disappointed with myself. I like......acted so awful in front of her. I fell to pieces and didn't know what to say. And she just walked away after 5 min. "F*CK!!!!" is what I yelled. Grrr.

I'm espcially mad @ those MITS people. I can't wear spikes in the qualifying meets, but I can in the championship? If I had spikes in the f*cking begring, I wouldn't have needed to run all those damn extra times. I woulda qualified @ every place. Dumb ass, assbackwards people. Ugh. I should email/call them up, and ho them.

I just got groin hurts more....
Hello homework and Xbox


P.s:......I think I'll be ready come outdoor season.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I think I died out @
Eastern Michigan. After my 200 meter, I sat down. And for the first time in my life, I couldn't move. I tried to reach for my pants, my hoodie, nothing. Tried to get back up, go to the water fountain. Nothing. I thought I was gonna die. Couldn't breathe, and couldn't move. I suppose runnging like sh*t in front of your best friend and f*cking away your final chance @ a state meet birth would come into play too. A 7.52 in the 60 (wtf), good for 21st out of 71. And a 24.54 in the 200 (ewww), good for 16th out of 56. I did, however win my heat in the 60, so that will be going online. Yes, I am that prideful, I just won't post the time. 

"My 60 Meter Dash"
(i'm the one in the white tights...if you didnt know...i like track tights....haha)

I saw my "bestie" Deondra. Haven't heard her call me that in the longest. Felt kinda nice to hear it. I missed her. Yeah really. Too bad, I showed my ass, or else that woulda been a nice gesture. Damn, now I miss her more, her and her lip smacks. Haha.

I am looking over all these old races. Man, my form was dead awful. Like eww, but, I see that I am getting better I guess. Possibly my outdoor times will be better.....hopefully. I can't run this sh*t and hope to get a scholarship to state, or any school. They would look @ me like I was crack, and be like "N*gga, you serious? Wtf is wrong with you?" and I don't want that. Not at all.

I gotta go home & type this wack ass English paper, and I don't even know the topic, aw, wtf? I don't enjoy the end of the week, @ all. Too much track and school collision.

I started my 1st official day @ southlake highschool, as a real intern. Man....this girls are all over me. This is creepy as heck. I don't like this, @ all. Then the teacher, who is kinda bad for a teacher, forced me to read. "oh I think Fletcher's poem was great, do you wanna read it again, please?". "B*tch, wtf is wrong with you?" said my eyes. "why of course, it would be an honor" is what I said. It was a personification poem, and you had to guess who or what the person was talking about. I wrote 2. The 2nd was about my (primary) tattoo artist, Mr Ed. The 1st......well, lemme put it down there, and I'll see if you can guess:

"the secret service woke me up today/
At 14:00 hours, my girls have a play/
The men who built my court, just sent the bill to pay/
Who needs a basketball court anyways?/
Well I guess it would help make all the stress go away/
All the problems I need to relieve/
When I was elected, I still didn't believe/
Thanks to the republicans who grieve/
All the way down to the demos and her weave/
Back to the room with oval floor/
With more black glasses men to deplore/
And I'm supposed to stop war?/
All in a days work I guess, for Mr. 44/"

If you don't know who I am talking about......kill yourself.

Xavier comes on tonight. I can't wait. I'm about to start on this paper.


P.s: I died tonight. Literally.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I feel like crap. Just complete feces. (I played like it too, but we still got the W) Ugh. My head kills. I feel sick to mi Estomago. Idk what's wrong. Maybe I shouldn't have acted half sick last week. Maybe I shouldn't have hung out with that sick girl. Alotta maybes. I feel like I'm gonna keel over. Not a good feeling. I'm sitting in the social area, "Dying, making a scene" haha, it hurts to laugh.

The prettiest girl (in my opinion) in my English class just walked out. I didn't see until then. She was virtually right next to me. Maybe if I wasn't dead I woulda spat some game like Nintendo. I'm sorry, I'm kinda stalkerish, but she is bad as heck.

I played like straight boo-boo today. 2/6 shooting. 4 pts, and another tech. For some stupid ass call. I literally fouled this guy 5 times, 4 on purpose. (yes I admit it) the ref let it go. Then homie catches me with an elbow to my face, and tell me why he calls a foul on my for flopping? Oh nigro, hush. Ugh

(after an hour long nap)

I feel better. My head still kinda kills but no drilling pain. Got me some popcorn. Its good. I hope the butter isn't like the milk. Then if so, I'm screwed. For I found out I'm lactose intolerant the hard way. After a bowl of cereal. Wah

They are smart. School won't let them sell popcorn. So they give it to you for free, but ask for a donation. That's clever as heck.

This campus police officer always looks @ me funny. Everyday. No smile. Just stone cold look. Like "what are you doing?" and most of the time I am sitting. I'm tired of him. Really.

I finally saw a huge prejudice joke in Xavier: Renegade Angel. I know they said the creators are slightly racist against blacks, but....come on. The joke was Xavier picked up a box of crayons. He finds a brown one called "Flesh" he exclaims "Flesh tone? How racist" then he stumbles across a black crayon and exclames "Ah, Shiftless! Its time to black you up!" albiet I laughed abit the first couple of times. After I caught it, I made my racist sour face. I'm not gonna boycott the show, or anything, but really? Wtf? But oh well.

I wonder besides like Stennett, (occasionally) Darrick, The Creepy Guy, and this chick.....who really reads this?

These middle eastern men make me sick with their slicked back hair and their gangster lumps. Ugh, get the f*ck out of here. Damn! Ya'll aint cool, just because you walk around with the fly-est stuff. In actuality, most of the realist gangster thugs, don't have anything. That's why they are thugs. If they had the fly-est gear, they wouldn't need to knife your dumb ass for yours. Serves you right for going into a neighborhood you know might be messed up. I'm glad your chain got janked. And I hope they backhand gun wound doesn't heal. And I hope your window takes forever to fix. HAHA

My ass is hitting the sheets when I get home. Straight sleep.....with my Teddy bear. AND? You wanna say shit bout my bear? I'll slap your ass from here to your momma's birth canal, I don't play that. Anyways I did it before my first race for UofD (frosh year vs CC) and although I embarressed myself (my pants fell) I made varsity that day (because my pants fell). So I do it every night I have a meet. So if you don't like it, you can do your best "Superhead"

And another thing I would like to address, thanks to Facebook's Friend Facts attachment or whatever, "I AM NOT BI-SEXUAL" so why outta 13 times being asked, did 12 or 11 people say "Yes, Fletcher (w/e my middle name is @ the time) is Bi-sexual" wtf? That makes me on supreme edge. What do I do to make people think I am? Really? I'm very pissed off about that. Like I won't even front. Like I have no problem with Bisexuals and homosexuals, I am friends with some of the open ones. But, I AM NOT one. So....get that straight.

Dad's here. Finally. Home time. Sleep time. Clean room time. Yeah, and I mean it.....after I wake up. Haha.


P.s: "Rhymes So Obscene, They Call Me Super Bad, But I'll still rattle your frame, like Felix Trinidad" :-D
Championship game next week, and track gauntlet this Thursday, until Saturday. I gotta get in that 60s ass or else I miss qualifying....again.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Miss Me?

I know you did. Don't lie.

Valentine's day isn't a real Holliday. Its a faux one, for men with big pockets, who are in relationships with women who are insecure. Damn. I'll come back to this a little later.

I guess its the "month of the ex". I'm back talkin, not "talking", with my ex, like we are friends. And my father is back with this lady who I coulda have sworn he would never date again. Ever. Wow....well she stayed the night (ewww), and they are cool now.....

You knew I wasn't gonna let this go: RUDY FERNANDEZ WAS ROBBED. I didn't even vote the dude into the slam dunk competition, but I do like him, as a player. Dwight Howard shouldn't have gotten 2 50s and Nate Robinson shouldn't have made it to the finals. He jumped off of Wilson Chandler's back......don't all short people who can't dunk do that? Not spectacular. But whatever, I'll be back later.

I watched "Teeth" in its entirety, and its deep as heck. Makes me affraid of Vaginas. Not gonna lie. I will never ever anger a woman, who I want to date. Esp if make it to "Smake-ing out". I do not want my sh*t bitten off, like that. It also, kinda akward how bro and sis, albiet stepbro and stepsis, are smake-ing out. Then she tears off his stick. Man.......that's sooooo far messed up, its not even funny.

Planet piss. I love Metalocalypse. Idk why for some reason its funny. Like Xavier: RA is funny because of the random ass stuff he says. Your like "wtf?" but your cracking up. Metalocalypse is like "huh?" and then its gorey.

My ex texted like right before she went to bed. Just to say hey, before she went to bed......"eh..what iz goink on?" she really wanted to talk.....I'm stunned.

Olivia said she loved me......I said it back..... :-/. I do, my little cousin says "I do, but I don't" its just, it won't work. She is my choice A or B. But I'm her only option. I don't know what she sees in this ugly looking mug of mine. That's the reason I got these tattoos. So you don't look @ my face so much. Don't wanna scare the girls away with my face.

Nicole Matta have me her #. I have a huge crush on her. Idk why. From what I found out, she is extremely superficial. I don't even thinks she gets why I keep complimenting her. That's sad. Its frustrating me. Espcially since she has this thing for a guy who, for lack of better words, looks like a p*ssy. And is probably gay. But whatever, that's her like. And yes, I will continue to help her try and win him over. I'm not a punk like that.

But I am about to die. Gotta run before class, to lose this weight I have picked up. I ballooned up to 158? Wt-flying-f? I mean I know I have some leg muscle. But....come on.

HOB UP!!!!!

P.s: although, I don't believe in prayer, at all, if you do, could you send a prayed for a friend of mine? Her name is Lauren McRae. She is going through a hard time. I know exactly how she feels and I hope she gets through it well. And to avoid the creepy-ness of it, don't do anything stupid, doll. I <3 ya..... Yeah, really. *big ole non odd hug*

P.p.s: idk if I mentioned this before, but Rudy Fernandez has a blog. En español. So this guy, Bart King, reads it, translates it, and posts it.....en ingles. Weird ass guy.....but funny ass stuff. And just check it, I go and read Rudy's Spanish blog. Its accurate. And its funny. I follow it. Check the top right hand corner of the blog to find it. Read some of the entries.

Ok, for real though, I'm Outtie 5000.

Friday, February 13, 2009

"those girls? Bimbos" ~ Michael Sharpe

I ALMOST qualified for the finals, and I ALMOST qualified for the state championship. If my bad ass hadn't popped up at the start of the damn race, I would have booked my ticket to Mount Pleasant. The championships are @ CMU. Damn. I saw Devin B, Jon Hevron, and Rob Lisecki. No MJH, No Devin H. I'm good. :-)

Earlier I found out that, I have a huge crush in a girl in my class. That girl, Dessislava. She is bad as heck. I can't talk to her. I stutter. And it looks bad. She thinks I'm funny though. So there is a plus. Eh, but......I can't be funny all the time. No, not @ all. *sigh* but I like her. She is smart, witty, and slightly tom boyish. And she got a thumper. Yes, sir. Ooh-wee! Haha.

The teacher actually went soft on me today.....considering I limped into her class. She let me off. I was glad. That girl, Dawn, was looking kinda cute today. I was like, mmhmm, haha. That other lady next to me, with the back tattoo, must have lost weight, because she looks a lot slimmer. I was like, mmhmm, haha.

I realized, I don't hate my father. Sometimes I hate being near him. But I don't hate him. He is funny. I see where I got my mean-but-funny-and-true things. He saw these 2 chicks, one was dressed in a short skirt, and they both had super long noses. He said "that's the longest nose, I have ever seen", out loud. "that's not nice" I retorted "they are probably really nice and sweet young ladies" "those girls? Bimbos" he said with finality. WOW, out loud? Really dad? That's messed up. But I couldn't hide my smile, because, he was probably right. She was wearing a vagina length skirt in the cold night weather. We are the same......except, I have tatts, and I wear my hat backwards, not forwards, like him......shut up, Darrick, this sh*t is not funny.

I have 3 more meets. 1 more to qualify for the 60 state championship meet, and 2 more for the 200 championship meet. The other meet is @ Michigan with Pacari, and I AM getting some "cut" before the race. Idc what dad says. I AM "gettin it, kickin it, and workin it, too" haha.

But I'm out. I gotta get some sleep.

HOB UP!!!!


Back to square1

I'm so tired. I hate school. I might just stop going. I can't do this early morning stuff. I feel like I'm about to die. My sinus(es) are killing me. I feel like I am about to vomit. This blows dude.

I found a bunch of old music on my phone, like "Dey Know" and its remix. I forgot how much people liked Shorty Lo. Haha. I found some old N*E*R*D* songs, like: "Stay Together", "Brain", and "Things are getting better". I missed these songs. A lot I miss old me. Before I became an adult. Before all the tattoos, concussions, scars, permarital sex, etc. Back when I was 5, 6, and 7. Ya know back then, when I was super little, and stuff didn't bother me. I am casually reminded of this Everytime I see a picture, or see an old friend, or something of those natures. Its depressing.

I got yelled @ by so many people for not saying I was coming up to Michigan State Wednesday.......really? You would have wanted to see me? Bullsh*t. No you didn't. You would have said hi for about 2 min, then left for some "prior commitment" so, "cut out that ignorant bull" I really only needed to see one person, and that was my Molly. :-P. I think she is starting not to "like me" like that anymore. If she doesn't, I def don't have a's cool I guess.....

Another track meet today! This one @ MCC, and I might have to see all of my (significant) former 09 teammates. I am not thrilled. My only real friends from 09 doesn't run track. Well Jamal and Devin are cool, but we don't really talk enough. The rest of them are aquaintances. And don't get me started on "Their captain". Ugh. I hope the Accelerators are there. I haven't impressed their coach at all.

WHAT THE F*CK?!?!?!?!?!?
I just checked my times from Michigan State. And I am confused and angered. I took off terrible in the 60 meter dash, and ran beautifully in the 200. I expected my 60 to awful and my 200 to be supurb. I ran the worst 200 of the indoor season. A 24.6. WHAT THE F*CK, dude? And flipside, I ran my BEST 60 of the season. Missing out on the state qualifying time by .3. (7.4 is what I ran, 7.37 is the state time) OMG, WHAT THE F*CK is going on? The clock must be broken. Must be. I came out awful in the 60. I came out standing straight up. I am bewildered. Like I am really pissed. Well, that means I should do well today then. That makes no logical sense. I hawked 2 dudes in the 200, and lost by alittle. But the winning time was 24.48. Wow.....then how slow were the other 2 dudes? No more messing around, I need to get my ass in shape. I can't be running these bullsh*t times anymore. Wow.....I felt like I was moving.....and I ran a rolling pace (as in I rolled across the ground) time. Wow.......

This stupid aerobics/pilates class is @ 10. I hate it. My groin hurts. I'm gonna ask her to take it easy on me. I don't need a tear today. I'm still mad about the above entry. Wow....was I really moving that slow? I'm kinda mad right now. I placed 30th outta 97 in the 60. Eh, I guess. I'd hate to see what I did in the 200. I laid a huge ass egg. I can't get over that. Ugh!

I am going to the finals today. Yes. I might not win it, but that's my goal. If I don't, I will be sorely dissappointed.

I'm too mad to continue, I'm sorry. I gotta dipset before I I'm doing now, haha.

HOB UP!!!!

P.s: that cute girl, dawn, looks cute today. Too bad, I can tell she is ignoring me, haha.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nice Digs, Yo

Man, that meet @ MSU, messed me up. I hurt my hammy, again. It hurts a lot. I might cry....haha, psych. But it does hurt. The lady @ taco bell was laughing @ me, pants falling, limping, politely swearing (crap, fudge, heck, etc.).

The meet went ok. I gotta check where I placed. I already know I didn't place top 8. My 60 was awful. Maybe I PR-ed for an indoor 200. I hope. Molly, my wife, came. She was looking cute as heck. Big ole donk, hahahaha. <3. She aint give me any before the race....that's why I did bad. That chick, Nury, ho ass. Didn't even answer me today. On purpose. Its cool, drunk ass, ho ass, trick sucker b*tch. I got you.

I saw my rival, Brenden Curren. Its more like a Hworang and Jin Kazama rivalry. (look up "Tekken 3" to understand the characters) like I see him as a rival, but he kinda barely sees me....@ all. One of the 3 catholic league kids to beat me in a race. He's weird. Kinda hard to call him a teammate. But I guess I will after next week if I go to practice. IF. Ann Arbor is a long way to go, @ 7PM. Unless I get some "cut" while I'm there, otherwise.....uh......haha

"Old School Joint" by Lupe Fiasco is a great song. More of a cool down song, than a pump up song.

If you go to bed on time, you feel better during the day. Example: I go to bed @ 9:05PM (or 21:05 as my phone reads) yesterday. I wake up @ 3:18. Fully refreshed. Been awake since then, aside from that 20 min blackout on the way to MSU. I think I will go home and start on the English HW, that I can do, and take a hit on the stuff I can't. Then.......

I'm gonna bust a nut, and whip out AFRO SAMURAI!!!!!! N*GGGGGGGGGGGGGA!!!!!! Hahaha.

My phone is about to die. I'll Trojan man this and wrap it up, quickly.

I had a 5 hour energy. I am coming off of it right now.

I'm gonna take a nap. Ttyl

HOB UP!!!!

P.s: getting my Fletch-flow (mojo) back. Watch out, trick...hahaha

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This post IS NOT for the faint of heart

Now, I am about to say so mean as hell stuff, that might be viewed as racist. But, really I don't care. Because if your going to like me, you will, and if not, you won't. I won't be hurt. I got balls, n*gga! Haha.

(note to reader: I am fgping this as I think. So it will sometimes read and sound a bit disjointed, be will sink in soon.)

White chicks....ya'll some f*cked up people. Ya'll act all scared of a <black> dude. Giving me, of all people, the look of "please, just take my purse, but don't rape me" man, get that weak bull out of here. Your ugly first of all, and secondly, I wouldn't wanna be charged for murder when I break your bony ass in half, by taking off your pants. Either that or I don't want you fat ass gut to eat my d*ck. Nasty looking h*es. Ya'll white male counterparts aint better, but I'm not on them right now.

Chaldean chick- oh ya'll are a piece of work. You all have NO ASS what so ever. Attention: WEARING HARD TAILS DOESNT MEAN YOUR BUTT IS BIG. IT MEANS YOUR TRYING TO HARD, TO COMPENSATE FOR IT. And ya'll the fakest chicks on the world!!!!! Atleast the white skeezo's eventually say "hey, I don't like you" them chaldean chicks lead you in some circles. THAT'S WHY YOU B*TCH ASS H*ES DON'T HAVE A COUNTRY. The rest of the middle East said f*ck you, and split ya'll up like a whore, @ a run-train-party. And to top it off, ya'll the skankiest h*es ever! Ever! EVER! I could coat my d*ck in kerosene and say its chocolate, and your ass will suck the SH*T out that bad boy. And half of ya'll are butt ugly anyways.....believe me there. Ugh!

Ah, Black chicks- haha. Ya'll make me sick, really. "N*ggaz aint sh*t! N*ggaz aint sh*t!" shut the f*ck up! If you picked a dude who was possibly worth something, not some n*gga who will do whatever you say.....because he aint sh*t, maybe you would have halfway decent relationship, instead of declaring all n*ggas aint sh*t. Hmmm? Ya'll think of that? Then ya'll some difficult ass people in general. Ya'll want a thug, but when he is gone for a long time, and comes back and kicks your ass, you want a compassionate guy. But when you get tired of him, you call him a p*ssy, and say he doesn't love you, and that you want a thug again. And ya'll some inappropriate ass people.
Those are the 3 right now I can really focus on, because I haven't really spoken to man Asian women, or many india, or any other persuasion of that sort.

Back to the happy stuff,
AFRO SAMURAI came in the mail....finally. Hell yeah! I'm gonna not get any homework done tonight. Haha.

I'm so tired. I'm also tired of women/girls looking @ mr like I am super scary and intimidating. Wtf? I'm a normal ass, passive ass, cool ass child. I am not gonna mug your ass because I wear a hat and bandana. They're are NO gangs that weary Cyan bandanas, or Green bandanas, or Red LOONY TUNES bandanas. So cut that bullsh*t out. Pronto. That AINT cute, and like the "unforgive"'s Ricky, its "Pissing me off with that ignorant bull"

This white chick has some pale ass legs, and a stomach. But a sorta cute face. If you like the porn star face. But UGH, anyways.

I'm out
HOB UP!!!!!


They had me pushing point guard.....because they know I am not a scorer. I can score, but its not my #1 thing. I went 0/1, (2/3 from the FT fouled while shooting a 3....) 8 assists. Yes 8. I was making good passes. 4 rebounds. 1 block. And 1 tech. It was a valid one. I was standing straight up, and the guy ran me over. I hadn't move in like a minute, and he barrels over me. Yet I get called for the foul. I went, "WHAT!?!?! Get that mess outta here." and that is a qoute. And he T-ed me up. I was like "well, damn" but whatever. We won, too. 51-46. I started @ point too. Wasn't no backup. We have the same teams for the championship too. If that's the case, if we lock down. We got that. Easy.

I skinned my knee, and got my lip bust open. On the same possesion. I got elbowed in the mouth, then dove for the ball. I got it, but he tied me up. I had to check the other teams point guard for 2 quarters, then the center for another. I sat out the 4th. I couldn't hang with their point guard. He was quick, and he could shoot with out hesitation. And no, I AM NOT ON HIS TIP.

I am in photo class, LOST. I don't know what I am doing. At all. I skipped last class (ayi!!!! :-/) and the teacher isn't here. Atleast I got my HW due from last week done.....finally. :-)

Teacher is here now.
She looked blazed, with those big old glasses. Haha

I'm out though.
HOB UP!!!!


Mission Hill is on right now. That's my favorite show. Idk why, but watching it makes me laugh. Just the randomness of this. Just the randomness. makes super random ass games. They're funny but they are just....."what?" the latest was super vending machine challenge or something.

"Penis, Penis, Penis, Penis, Penis, Penis" hahahahaha! That was hilarious. This was an episode I hadn't seen before.

My mother requested me on Facebook. akward.....
I need to get out of the house. I can't just sit in here anymore. I get nothing done. I don't really even wash up mostly. Well I do, wash up, know what I mean. I plan to do it, then 5 hours later, I do it. Ugh. I go comando a lot, if you wanted to know that. Anyways.

Got a game/IM class tomorrow/today. Gonna drop atleast 10, off the bench. That's my goal. Yeap. Gonna become the micro-wave. Ya dig? Haha

I am learning about the Chinese zodiac. I would be a "Metal Horse" those traits are hella bang on and that's kinda creepy. Ugh. Same thing with the tauras one. Wtf, dude?

I found my bear, chaucer. I kinda freaked. Call me gay if you want, but I <3 this little guy. And if you don't like it, suck my c*ck.

On that note, I'm getting 3/4 hours of sleep, peace.

HOB UP!!!!

P.s: ......I wonder if more people read this. Hmmm. And thanks stennett, for mentioning me in yours. I saw it..... :-D
Taha....ok outtie 3000


Monday, February 9, 2009

Who boy......

Today wasn't eventful. Didn't leave the house. Took a shower @ 3am. Realized people might think I'm on steroids. I have terrible back acne. Yeah, that's a symptom of most performance enhancing drugs. I'd ask my grandma to help wash my back like before, dice. She only knows I have 4 tattoos....not 6. And I don't feel like hearing her mouth. I need to get this taken care of. Otherwise, over spring break when I go somewhere sunny, I can't take off my shirt for the ladies, haha. That's why I thought for a minute Dan Bruder was on steroids. 1) because for a thin guy, he was super strong. 2) his football personality kicked in and he was a totally outrageously different person. 3) he had terrible back acne, when I saw his back.

Xavier: Renegade Angel is on. That's my favorite non-Boondocks show on there. He just said he was happy for fingering his father's killer, but sad because he found out his father's killer is himself...."He fingered himself to death" HAHA....and every fighting scene says "Taste The Pain" haha. "Whoever found it, Browned it"

Xavier1: "Except your dedication"
Xavier2: "No thanks, I'm full, I eat P*ssies like you for breakfast"
HAHAHAHA! Half the words in here are used so far out of context, its funny. I can't wait until season 2 starts. As Rubin said,: "That Show is like an acid trip"

I have 4 NBA Teams. 2 are good. 2 are really bad. 2 east conference. 2 west conference. The Portlant Trailblazers, & The Atlanta Hawks are the good teams. The Washington Wizards, and The Oklahoma City Thinger are my 2 bad teams. 2 were in action tonight. The Wizards and the Blazers. 2 teams got the W. Both @ the final play. Both by their best players. Caron "Iron Man" Butler shook Danny "Batman" Granger and hit the game winner from 18 feet about. And Brandon Roy made one of the best drives to the hoop I have seen this year. Double clutch around 3 or 4 players left. And lays it up with 1 second left. Amazing.
Matt Bonner looks so white in his black spurs jersey. I'm happy he put 23 on the Celtics. They aren't so great. I'm even happier that the suns beat the pistons (you knew I wasn't gonna forget about this). AND Grant "Body Bag" Hill Pumped one down on Rodney Stuckey. That's what you get. GET THE F*CK OUT THE WAY! That's all grant is good for. We all know he is not a shooter.

I started on my photo project. I need to knock it out, and stop being a lazy ass. Ya know? I registered for today. I am so pumped. Can't wait for afro samurai to get to my house. I am gonna rock that game.

David Lee is pretty good. I mean I've followed him since high school. Saw him in the HS dunk contest. Thought we was alittle over rated. But he is averaging a double double. He better make the knicks hall of fame when he retires. He deserves it.

I didn't know they had a commerical for "Against saying something is gay" I mean if they want people to take them seriously, why did they use wanda sykes as a spokesperson? No one can really take her seriously.

I don't like my friends who always wanna be there when they need someone to talk to, but when I come to say hi. They went ghost on me. Wtf is that?

Kevin Durant is cold. And on that note, I'm out.


P.s: I don't dislike mike, because he beat me. I dislike him because we ragged on George for the 4X1 and how George was lazy and how we need him not be lazy to break this record @ The Catholic League Meet. And then George found out and hated both of us. Then George came out and ran his ass off, who then threw it to Jamal, who ran his ass off who tried to give it to mike. Who choked. Big time. Stepped out of his lane on purpose. Because he didn't think he could do it. Because he took off too late. And we still could have won. None of those dudes could f*ck with our 4x1. I owe George a face-to-face apology. He obviously won't accept my Facebook messages and such. Then Mike proceeded to screw over out next 3 4x100s. Including the state finals....which by the way was televized. Which by the way, was my last meet running for UofD. That's my problem with him. No "sorry I f*cked up", or anything. Just kept moving, because he is only consumed by himself. Those dudes make me mad as hell. But whatever. I'm done on this. I guess if I see them, I won't be a dick.....much. But I'm out now.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Track and Sh*t

I had a good day today, and an ok one yesterday. I saw a familiar face @ the meet. Devin Burnett. He was hurdle-ing. Dude hit EVERY HURDLE. But he made semi's so I can't hate on him. Plus he's my dude. Can't try and say stuff. But he told me more of the team is coming next week....I kinda don't wanna see some of those n*ggas. Like Mike....UGH. Anyways. I recorded my 1st track. Sent it to Rob. We "gon set the f*ckin hood on fire" haha.

I placed 19th or 20th outta like 90 kids. That's good enough. Considering that dumb ass teacher strained my groin.
Then today went and balled out with Caleb. We lost the 1st game. But I caught fire near the end. Missed my first shot. Hit the next 5. Then later, we "tied". It was 4-4 and the gym was closing. So it was a tie. W/e, we would have won. I hurt 2 of my fingers. :-(
One was jamed, the other feels like my tendon was messed up.

Then we went to pizza poppolis. Caleb was about to have me kill him. Haha. "nigga, eat this food!"

We stopped in Astoria, aka, home of HOB Music. And got some patries.....and saw some Cute girls. They were lookin @ Caleb though, not I. :-( damn.....haha. These chicks on the people mover were trying to act all old, and sh*t, and I'm sure they were only like 20. I hate chicks like that. But whatever.

The Pistons just got the game against Milwaukee Bucks. The refs hand wrapped it. Yeah they did, pistons fans. But My Boy Ramon Sessions aka The NBDL's poster boy, just dropped hot ass buckets all on that ass. 44 points on Rip and Iverson. DAMN! Haha. And even "Ugly Charlie" Villanueva got off on them, haha.

Adultswim is funny as heck. I laugh all the time....its stupid too, but funny. I just talked to a girl AND her sister. The older one is BAD AS HECK....the younger one is alrite. The older one (20) finally gave me a damn chance....a small ass one, but one regardless.

HAHA! Adult swim just made a voltron reference. I love that show.....I'm gonna make a refrence to it in this next verse, once my comp boots up.
I'm bout to go chow on this food. Pizza, Chicken, Ribs, and pastries in the morning. Haha.

HOB UP!!!!

P.s: as you might have noticed, I am not on as much. Sorry. Track eats up more time than I thought, and I am re-dedicated to school, so....yeah... Sorry again :-/ that is if you read these a lot. Haha

Friday, February 6, 2009


What up?
I know I haven't been doin this much. Sorry if your an avid reader. School picked up. Track picked up. And I picked up.....them sticks and went back to whoopin cats on xboxlive and such. I need to lay off the video games. I got work due. I've been faking throwing up so I can turn in this photo work Tuesday, and I haven't really touched it since last Saturday.

I found a nice phrase that I like. "Graceful Degradation". It is a system's (or the body's) ability to function after losing certain parts, or suffering serious damage. I like it because, it describes the way I do things. I'll usually be missing something, and I'll still find a way to do it. It might not get done, but it atleast gets started.

"When You Suffer, Know It Was I Who Betrayed You". That's a cold ass thing to say. I'm gonna start saying that now. Marilyn Manson is a cool dude. I mean after you look past all the crazy makeup, skin bleach, crazy clothes, and akward mannerisms. He is very smart. A lot smarter than people think. He got head during his music video.....while it was shooting. <Coolness up!> He also actually cut himself in the same video, and they had to re-do the scene because there wasn't enough sound in the mic.....his qoute was "Ah.....Sh*t...." <coolness down>

I have this stupid ass pilates/aerobics class, then my good English class, (which I need to go print this paper out for), then I start the track Gauntlet. 6 meets in 3 weeks and a stretch, where I have 3 meets in 3 days. The 19th at Eastern Michigan, the 20th @ Macomb CC, then finally the 21st, @ Michigan. The full schedule is today @ MCC, next Wednesday @ Michigan state, and then that Friday @ MCC. I might burn out in March. I'm about to do a season's worth of meets in about 3 weeks. The only difference is I am only running 2 events, not four, like @ UofD. Still, the competition is tougher so I have to run double hard.

This lady really wants me to look up @ her.....not happening. Lady go away with that bull. You know what I mean, when a person of opposite sex sits near you, and just starts talking out loud about their stuff? Like "oh I just don't know these commandments." like B****, I'm not gonna help you, get outta here with that ignorant bull. And your like 35. Just cause I have facial hair don't mean I'm old.

I try not to "lol" anymore. And I think I have really gotten out of there. On a rare occasion when someone presents me with some stupid stuff, I give em "(A Rare) lmao". Like n*gga/b*tch, get outta hear with that ignorant mess. So if I say that to you. That's what I mean.

That cute girl dawn showed up. She doesn't look so cute today. She looks alrite. Maybe my sweat deluded my eye sight just a little. Maybe the fact I'm laying down right now, deluded how well I can see her.
I got 3 hours of sleep. I'm tired as hell. Damn lakers/Celtics game went to OT, delaying when I started on my paper. Then this stupid test in this stupid pilates/aerobics class. Wtf? How is your ass gonna give us a test then give us no notes, when we don't have a textbook. Telling us, "you can find whatever you need to find online" wtf does that mean? If I come with some different stuff that's not on the test, I better still get an A or I'm whoopin some old ass, ya dig?

That older lady came back. Now she is doing an all time pet peeve of mine. I HATE Bluetooth headarts. With a passion. I espcially hate those people who talk on them loudly to feel important. I espcially hate those people who talk to you, while wearing them. I espcially hate when people do any of the above, while they are eating. That's some rude ass, nasty ass sh*t.

And the person can barely hear her, so she is repeatuh stuff over and over again. Omg, n*gga, shut the f*ck up. I hate people who talk loud so that you look @ them, so they feel important.

This test is on "The Art of Controllolgy" WTF IS THAT SH*T?!?!?!?!?! That aint even a word. This chick is crazy.

But I'm out, I gotta bounce.
Class starts soon. And these chicks are having a funny convo. I wanna ease drop on that, haha.


P.s: these chicks are bugging out about this test! HAHA! Funny stuff. Good luck to me in this meet.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

"Too Human"

That game is cold as heck. Well, its better than I thought it would be. Good enough for me to pour about 6 and a half to 7 hours into it. No not consectitively. I wanted to get that new afro samurai game.....but Rubin said its not doing so well right now. They guy @ the store said because some people might not get SpikeTV. Rubin said because its too hard.....I'll just rent it later. I hope its good. I like that show.

I am eating breakfast. Right now. Yeah I know what time it is. So?

Watching Monkey Bone. Kinda funny. Kinda not. Its half and half. Bridget Fonda was very pretty back in 2001. Its kinda random as heck.

I actually feel kinda tired.
I'm gonna go. I know his was short, huh?


"Call Me Ishmael, Beyotch!!!!"

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Balls!

Damn man!
I got hit in the balls in my game. That sh*t hurt! :-( and thanks to sportscience I found out why your stomach and lungs hurt first, THEN your balls. First the balls rise up into your abdomin, and the pain signals are sent to your brain @ 250 mph. But the responce is sent back to your balls is only at 2 MPH. And seeing as its slow coming back. It goes to where it thinks your balls are: your stomach. It tightens, starting to hurt, which causes your lungs to constrict abit. After all that, the pain signals reach your balls, which in turn shows the delay of why they hurt....later.
Anyways after all that anatomy stuff, I was sidelined. We lost. Our "Coach" blew the game. Our bench had brought us back from down 12 to down 2 with a 1:45. So tell me why you would take out our hot shooters, for our starters who haven't scored virtually all game? Well he did. And we (myself included, because I didn't start this game) all groaned, and did our push ups right then and there. Brings my record to 2-2. I scored 5, had 5 rebounds, an assist, a steal, a foul, and shot my first free throws. I went 1 of 2. I should made them both. Dammit :-/. Oh well. I did the big man move. :-) that's when you catch it, pound the ball into the ground, and slam your body in the nearest person. I big man-ed him after my rebound. Then I put it back up. But then he bust my eye for 3 the next play. *sigh* :-(

I'm skipping photography to finish the assingment. So I told her I was sick (which isn't a lie, I am sick, just I'm not throwing up really anymore) I hope she let's me turn it in later this week.

I bombed my math test. C- you kidding me? GAWD DAYUM! I need to crack that book more often. I don't need any more C's and not really any B's.

I am geeked. I am typing this to music.....coming outta my phone "Chalk it Out Toss" by Lil Wayne and Briscoe is playing right now. One of the few Wayne songs I like. I finally bought that memmory card for my phone. 2 Gigs. I will have a soundtrack on this. Now I just gotta buy headphones for my phone, and I have my replacement ipod until I find it in my house.

My shoulder kills dude. I hit the ground for a rebound, and it hit funny. :-(

I'm @ burger king in Detroit. These guys take FOR EVER.....Oh My God!. If I hadn't paid, I woulda just dipped out. Too much food to just dip out like that. My balls still hurt. That's cuz I got them man balls. Haha. I about to pass out from all this food. Ugh. There is this Chinese chick right next to me. She keeps looking over my shoulder. I think she thinks her food will be done before mine. She is starting to bother me. She backed off. Good I didn't wanna have to pull an "Unforgivable" and elbow her in the face.

Damn, niggaz! I'm half way done with my drink! Hurry the F*ck up.

Damn, aint that a B*tch. That chick DID get her food before me. AHHH!

Got my food now! Yeah, nigros! Yeah!!! :-)
Gonna munch on this, nap. Then do the assingment. Then check and see if I will get credit for it, then get some rice krispies. Yum, them krispies. :-D

But I'm out for now, I need to munch then sleep.


P.s: welcome back to Facebook, khloe :-)

Monday, February 2, 2009

GatorMan25....kill yourself.

GatorMan25, who ever you are, kill yourself.
I just played this dude in NBALive09. He picked the Detroit Pistons, rated 92 overall with the daily upgrade in ratings. So because I was feeling confident, I chose the Oklahoma City Thunder. Rated 72....20 points worse than my mans. I love OKC, but there so bad in the game, that they don't even have real jerseys, or a real arena, or a real tell me why the score @ the end of 3 quarters was DET 38 OKC 57? Hmmm? (its rhetorical, your possibly one of the worse players ever. Kill yourself). I'll give that bum ass some credit. He didn't quit right them. The final score was OKC 78, DET 67. Iverson hit 5 straight 3s in the end. And STILL didn't have the highest point total. Kevin "K-Deezy" Durant lead all with 28. Man.....your sorry as hell. I feel bad for you. I'm gonna mock you for the rest of this year. Your dumb ass must not watch basketball, or else you would know never to leave jump shooters open, espcially ones that score 25 points a night (Durant) or shoot 40+% from behind the 3 point line (Both Durant and Jeff "J-Greezy" Green). You would also know the hottest rookie out right now is Russel "Russ Weezy" Westbrook. So you would possibly, I don't know, not let him get to the rim, to dunk on your whole team? Hmmm? How about that? But no, you just go by ratings, and all I know is, your grimy ass better not have sent me a message saying "you cheated" or "it was luck" or "you couldn't do it again", because homeboy, I did it fair and square, all skill, and I will do it again if you EVER challenge me in ANY sporting game/real sport EVER. I even had Jeff Green choking the game away @ the end, missing lay-ups, and you still were 15+ back. If you did send me something, I better see a "good game" and that's it. B*tch ass boy.

Anyways, congrats to the steelers I guess. I heard it was a great game. Rubin told me. I didn't watch ONE iota. I hated both teams.....why should I? Take that back, congrats Mike Tomlin. Not Ben Rothlisberger.
I was busy playing Banjo Kazooie, NCAA09 Basketball, and NBALive09 to watch, and I didn't care who won anyways.

I went 4 and 3 in NCAA. 2 wins and 2 losses with Chase Buddinger and arizona. 1 Loss with James Hardin and Arizona State. And 2 wins with Raymar, Kalin and (Your) Michigan State Spartans. I losi one is heart break fashion. I had a 1 point lead. Arizona vs Oklahoma....and Blake "meat" Griffen. Guy imbounds it to Griffen who passes it to Tony Crocker (#13 with the long sleeves). Double covered, dagger, corner 3. In 2 dudes grill. I was at a loss for words.
I watched all the "Unforgivables" today. In a row. 3 times. So 7 videos, times 3. Plus "The Long Afternoon" parts 1&2. And the Visitor parts 1&2. So I wasted about a good hour and a half just infront of the computer....staring at it. That's messed up huh? I got an addiction to the computer. That's why I wanted internet on my I could just not need a computer, well atleast the internet portion of it.

(about a 6 hour delay)

I passed out, haha. But I'm gonna wrap this is real quick.

Bout to go to math. Hope I got above a B on this test.

I'm gonna go now, my head hurts.

HOB UP!!!!!!

P.S: OHKLAHOMA CITY, REALLY? Garbage ass ni**a

Sunday, February 1, 2009

"So Look Niglet, Fall Back A Tid Bit....

Or get your F*ckin wig split, this some big sh*t" ~ Saigon

This girl, my ex. This ho is so immature. Like nigro, Grow the F*ck up. You is immature as hell. That's why your ass is running away from a dude who pointed in your direction. AND didn't even say sh*t bout your bony ass. Why is your friend talking to me? I don't like her like that. Get the f*ck on, damn!!!
HAHA, on a better note.

I hooped today. Went 1 and 1. I was the hero of one game. The goat of another. Missed a WIDE ASS open lay-up. That was the game breaker. We would have been up 10-9. We didn't score that possession. They went down the court and scored. We lost because of that AND the fact some dude "rattled my frame". I jumped at the wrong time, and he banged me down. I felt like sh*t. I also got bitch smacked in the neck by my own teammate. On accident of course. She turned as I turned, and then she reached for the ball, and slapped the hell outta my neck. Thought I was gonna choke right there on the court. THAT SH*T HURT! It was like one of them little judo chops. I still got a mark on my neck. Not as bad as this one chick on my team. She got her neck scratched by this big ole dyke chick. She was about to sock that dyke back too. But we nipped that real quick.

Then I walked down the stairs with Kevin, my cousin. Only to be called by My Ex's friend. "Where are you? We're here @ the YMCA. I wanna say hey" NIGGA, What? Then when I get to the bottom I see this immature ass nigro (my ex) and I just don't say sh*t. Kevin comes down there and points at the door talking about "look @ the girls in here, man" and I pointed at the door and said "get outta here, man" we laughed. I didn't know I pointed in that B*tch direction. She ran off mad. I just shook my head. But that's what I get for messing with HS Students. Them juniors, uh uh. Dumb ass niggas. Too dumb for my ass. And that's saying something. I'm not gonna go in there. Most of the people know I hate it there. A lot. They know I hate (not strong hate, but hate nontheless) them. The ones that don't are ignorant, or just don't care. I only wanted to go so I could rip on them with my cousin and Geogre. So, I didn't really feel the need to come here by myself. But my cousin aint coming, and George is gonna be late.

Boy, I f*cked up my hand, trying to dunk on a kid today. I went up and was going up. And I just stopped. Mind you, I had done 2 1/2 hours of leg workouts before hand. But I kept going up and when I stopped, I trying to just punch the ball into the hoop. And I hit my hand on the back iron, and the ball went in. In my dictionary, that's a fancy lay-up. My knuckle hurts like a mofo. I have to ice that bad boy, hopefully before it gets a lot worse. This hurts a lot.

I wish I had not stayed for this. I knew I wasn't gonna go in. Call me petty, but I wish ill will on that b*tch. She totally broke my heart. Like wow, ouch. Wtf? And then her friend is like "what happend between ya'll?" NIGGA What?!?! Your MotherF*ckin fake ass flskey ass friend broke my motherf*ckin heart. And you want me to be nice to that b*tch? Nah, f*ck that nigga. Until her b*tch ass apologize, I aint sayin sh*t to that nigga. Espcially along the line of any thing nice. Nah, none of that sh*t. F*ck you, nigga. With aids d*ck, and cum on the face. You a ho ass nigga. Thanks for giving me that c*nt. Btw. Rookie. HAHA.
"I spit spitefully like a pissed off serpent/
Like my arms is stuck in glue, and not workin/
And I continually through hate like sand/
Because I snap back like a rubberband/
But I flash my fangs like a dracula/
And when I spit words, its something spectacular/
but before I'm finished/
lemme get my words in quick befor my breath is deminished/
My rhymes are vintage/
Good like spinach/
Soul fully delicious/
With a sweet tang, but oh so vicious/
But as I speak, and grow weary of you dudes who swang on my back like monkeys in the mist/
For you d*ck riddin n*ggas, I can't even glorify you with a good diss/
.....and that's all I can think of. This chick just came in here, and now wants to talk about our problems, and sh*t.
NIGGA, what!?!?!? But an hour and a half later, we finished talking. And I guess I respect her alittle. A LITTLE. Not much. I don't hate her anymore. Its just I partially don't respect the broad. I respect her more because she grew enough balls to come and tell me that, but not enough to look her in her face and laugh @ her ass. She stopped talking to me because I was right. Nigga, that sh*t don't make NO sense. (don't be smart, and say technically it does because of my bad grammer.) I feel bad.....because I could see myself giving her a second chance. And that made me sick to my stomach telling her that. Real sick. I probably look super schizophrenic saying one thing up top, and saying something else later. But now I kinda see why I liked her. A little. Ugh, now I'm kinda mad. Wtf dude?

WHERE THE F*CK IS GEORGE?!?!?!?! Haha, I need to get the f*ck outta here. Its almost 8:15, and this thing ends @ 9. The people were staring @ me, while I spoke to her. Like "What the f*ck are you looking @? You nosey ass b*tch."


George came finally.
Now I'm @ a bar with like 12+ older people. Nandi's weird self "no he can't go. I'm not going to a bar with a student of mine." 1) I am not a student of yours BROAD. And 2) I'm a minor. That should be the reason why to keep me away from alcohol.....dummy.

My hand hurts so bad. It is not funny. I think I might have really done something to it. I hope not. I shouldn't have been trying to yam on a dude.

Haha, George asked me about how I felt about my ex. Haha. He laughed @ the end. Haha. I am laughing. Idk why.

These drunk adults are funny as heck. The waitress is cute. She looks scared as heck. She is kinda rude too.

These drunk adults are LOUD as heck. Oh My God!! I have never been into a bar with this many people. So many OLDER people. And they are Just weird. Yeah.....good word for them.

Pat Calathes is so overrated. So over rated. All he is white and a jump shooter. My new favorite team lost today. To one of my old favorite ones. I like wake forest because of Jeff Teague and Al-Faruq Amunu. I used to like Georgia Tech, until Will Bynum and BJ Elder left. Then I kinda stopped rooting for them kinda. But I like them sorta.

I'm happy for Serina Williams. Congrats. Let's see if she can win doubles too.

I feel like some of those poetry kids miss me....a little. Hmmm, weird.

I am hungry as hell. Yes I am. Ugh. So hungry. :-(

I'm gonna go. I kinda don't have the energy to think....due to my stomach being empty. I say one final thing. I am gonna year up the food @ sherina's

P&L, I guess
HOB UP!!!!

P.s: man....HAHA!.....idk what to say. Think I might die from hunger.