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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I send poems from time to

<I wrote this from my phone, off the dome....its not so great, gets its point across.....will be facebook-ing it later....enjoy, I guess>

------Rest In Peices------
(I've been seeing a lot of RIPs in people's status and in their display names, and that disturbs me....thought about me dying....wondered what people would say.....I thought for something)

"My headstone reads here lies a dude, wrapped in scars and burns/
May he decompose quick and the insides disappear to rotten worms/
For no one will be qouting Rest in peace Fletcher or Santana or any RIP/
Matter of fact, the closest acronym I might get would be S.H.I.T./
Ha, but seriously, most of my impacts have been for the worse/
Not many people would too sad to see that SF Hearse/
Most probably would just take something and immerse/
Themselves into something, or ask for a re-imburse/
Of all the time, tears, money, and fears spent with "Ink7"/
Probably laughing anyways, "That n*gga aint goin to heaven"/
....and you right, I'm probably not, but still not point in case/
I'm sure there will be people out there, my memory they try and erase/
For I know so, they do it today, and I have yet to croak/
Just imagine if I were to swallow down a fork, I'm my throat/
But still, I'm sure there will be the few who will be offended/
Because I spoke about them as if their opinion had been removed, and others amended/
But to you, all I have to say is something short, and quick/
"Where were you when I was alive and well? I needed you when I was needy and sick/"
Yes, I meant that, and it came from my "Uni-bunal"/
For I already know, off hand, I will have the loneliest funeral/"






HOB UP!!!!
Outtie 5000

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