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Monday, February 16, 2009

Miss Me?

I know you did. Don't lie.

Valentine's day isn't a real Holliday. Its a faux one, for men with big pockets, who are in relationships with women who are insecure. Damn. I'll come back to this a little later.

I guess its the "month of the ex". I'm back talkin, not "talking", with my ex, like we are friends. And my father is back with this lady who I coulda have sworn he would never date again. Ever. Wow....well she stayed the night (ewww), and they are cool now.....

You knew I wasn't gonna let this go: RUDY FERNANDEZ WAS ROBBED. I didn't even vote the dude into the slam dunk competition, but I do like him, as a player. Dwight Howard shouldn't have gotten 2 50s and Nate Robinson shouldn't have made it to the finals. He jumped off of Wilson Chandler's back......don't all short people who can't dunk do that? Not spectacular. But whatever, I'll be back later.

I watched "Teeth" in its entirety, and its deep as heck. Makes me affraid of Vaginas. Not gonna lie. I will never ever anger a woman, who I want to date. Esp if make it to "Smake-ing out". I do not want my sh*t bitten off, like that. It also, kinda akward how bro and sis, albiet stepbro and stepsis, are smake-ing out. Then she tears off his stick. Man.......that's sooooo far messed up, its not even funny.

Planet piss. I love Metalocalypse. Idk why for some reason its funny. Like Xavier: RA is funny because of the random ass stuff he says. Your like "wtf?" but your cracking up. Metalocalypse is like "huh?" and then its gorey.

My ex texted like right before she went to bed. Just to say hey, before she went to bed......"eh..what iz goink on?" she really wanted to talk.....I'm stunned.

Olivia said she loved me......I said it back..... :-/. I do, my little cousin says "I do, but I don't" its just, it won't work. She is my choice A or B. But I'm her only option. I don't know what she sees in this ugly looking mug of mine. That's the reason I got these tattoos. So you don't look @ my face so much. Don't wanna scare the girls away with my face.

Nicole Matta have me her #. I have a huge crush on her. Idk why. From what I found out, she is extremely superficial. I don't even thinks she gets why I keep complimenting her. That's sad. Its frustrating me. Espcially since she has this thing for a guy who, for lack of better words, looks like a p*ssy. And is probably gay. But whatever, that's her like. And yes, I will continue to help her try and win him over. I'm not a punk like that.

But I am about to die. Gotta run before class, to lose this weight I have picked up. I ballooned up to 158? Wt-flying-f? I mean I know I have some leg muscle. But....come on.

HOB UP!!!!!

P.s: although, I don't believe in prayer, at all, if you do, could you send a prayed for a friend of mine? Her name is Lauren McRae. She is going through a hard time. I know exactly how she feels and I hope she gets through it well. And to avoid the creepy-ness of it, don't do anything stupid, doll. I <3 ya..... Yeah, really. *big ole non odd hug*

P.p.s: idk if I mentioned this before, but Rudy Fernandez has a blog. En español. So this guy, Bart King, reads it, translates it, and posts it.....en ingles. Weird ass guy.....but funny ass stuff. And just check it, I go and read Rudy's Spanish blog. Its accurate. And its funny. I follow it. Check the top right hand corner of the blog to find it. Read some of the entries.

Ok, for real though, I'm Outtie 5000.

1 comment:

  1. Valentines day is for hoes. Like hoe niggas.

    Teeth is scary as shit too o_0

    That's all I have to say. Hope your friend gets better soon.


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