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Monday, February 23, 2009

"Dyno With The Black Mag"

The weekend was so uneventful. Well, ok, take that back. Sunday was so uneventful. We all know what happened Saturday. Unless you didn't read the before post.....and if you didn't, why are you reading this one? Whatever, thank you anyways. I found 2 big time meets. Out of state, that I might get to go to. In Ohio. One @ Cedarville University. The other at THE Ohio State University. Both are outdoor, so naturally I'm geeked for them. My last indoor meet is March 13th @ MCC. You should come.....if your reading this, anyways. I won't be teary eyed because I only like the 60m indoor. The 200m is too much like the 400m, so I can't run it. Makes me kinda mad, and alittle embarresed by these dudes who rattle off like 21.8s indoor and outdoor.

My father's secratary's (or how ever you spell it) daughter ran in the Olympics. She didn't place in the top 3 but hey, getting there......I'll suck your d*ck....well....not like physically, but you understood that, right? She runs professionally. Going around the world and stuff. That sh*t sounds fun as heck. I want to do that now. Yes. I am going to work harder I promise that. A job where all I gotta do is lift, eat right, and run against other dudes? That's sweet as hell. And I get paid for making the finals? (more for winning) boy howdy! I might ask to talk to her. Not like that, I mean to ask for tips and stuff.

I think I have a thing for middle eastern and mediterrian women. That means (to me): chaldeans, Indians, women of Pakistan, Greeks, (Actual) Italians, and any of that sort. Idk why either. They just.....have this look.....where its like "omg, you FAHYNE as heck" and most times they don't have much of a reaction back, with the exception of a couple, or they have the reaction of one ACS (love you too, dollface) "I never really liked you, you were not cute. You just seemed nice, and ok @ the time" I have many rebuttals to that, but I'll limit it to one. "why you let me shoot off in your mouth, and you swallow some of it, if you aint like me?" and I'm just gonna leave it there. I'm sure there are many plausible reasons for that.

I like blogging from my phone. It let's me add stuff in that I see as I am going. Like how this chick keeps eying me from the lounge area. She needs to quit. She looks like one of them "I love you, but you aint sh*t" women, and I don't need that. Because I won't hit, but I'll cuss a b*tch out. Not that she is one, but I get that vibe that might be the case.

I just embarresed myself. So bad. Its not funny. I actually probably turned red too. I was just in the cafe, about to get a spoon, remember that little fact. I was looking for said spoon. I don't wanna drink my apple sauce in front of people. That doesn't build character, or as Maria (Khan) told me, "it makes people think you don't care about your public image". And I asked the lady behind the register where the spoons were. She told me where, and I thanked her. I did not know there were 3 really cute girls, 2 negro y 1 blanco. The cutest was this black girl about 5'5 lighter skinned, with a cute ass smile. She walked ahead of me to the area where the untensils were. I looked down @ a text I got. *Crash* we collided. In an akward position. Like private areas touching. She was trying to move forward, and me backward. Didn't do any better. Then she was like "what do you want? I'll get it from here" assuming that I was going to the untensil area. But because she collided, and my privates were alittle sore. My breath was a little rushed, and I said in a raspy, soft, hoarse voice "I want a spoon" but it came out sounding like "I wanna spoon" she was like "WHAT!?!?!?" I then said "I mean the eatty thing!" and then I made the most rediculous hand motion for using a spoon. She looked like she wanted to laugh but couldn't. I felt so ashamed, that I quickly took my spoon, and dashed off. Boy.....that discourages me from talking to girls for the rest of today. Ugh.

My mother just notified me that they might be able to get me to and from those meets. Solid. I hope they can. I wanna showcase my stuff to all the schools. :-)

This student instructer doesn't really help many people. She just makes us sign in so she has names to return back. Who said Asians aren't clever? That's pretty sneaky there. She's kinda cute too if you get past the whole broken English thing, and the fact if your a male, and you look her in the face for longer than 2 min, she blushes and looks down.

I actually might totally consider getting "Zweihänder" (German for "Two Handed") across my fingers or knuckles. The only reason I am not, is because of 1) its totally visible, and not suited for business and 2) it a a 10 letter word. "Einhänder" works better but that defeats the purpose of getting it on both knuckles, when Einhänder means "One handed" (get it?) I'd only be able to get "Einhänder" on both arms.....seperatly.....I'd look like a tool with the same word on each forearm/back of bicep. Tools aren't cool.

Class is about to start.
I hate math. End.


P.s: the pretty lady sat next to me!!! Its high school all over again......except with girls included. HAHA!

Outtie 5000

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