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Thursday, February 26, 2009


Man, I hate my dad. I know we are similar. But that don't mean I like that n*gga. And I've had it up to here *points to head* with his ass. All he does is complain about what I don't do. All the time. I guess I don't do anything right to him, then. Maybe I should have gone with my mother, instead.

Southlake was fun. The kids I guess trust me more now, after last week. Shame I'm not gonna see them next week, when the publishing is about to finish. I'll get just getting back from Ohio. One of those girls thinks I like her. I don't. But she is cute, though, won't lie. She started walking in front of me, switching, and bending over so her clevage was exposed. I was like "why are you doing this?" in my head. I just ignored her. The first class actually asked me for help. I felt useful. :-D. They thought I was funny, and they found out I ran track and was asking me all these questions. Some kid challenged me to a race. His school is going to a race I will be @......oh its time, baby.....i'mma get in THAT AZZ!....haha.

I am really sick. My sleep pattern has been knocked off course. I hurt all over. I hope I didn't catch immune system is sh*t poor now. I might have the flu, again, too. I don't ever feel good anymore. My lower back kills. My groin feels a little better, though, and my shoulder hurts so bad, I can't put this stuff on my back to stop the break outs. I have these mad bumps I gotta get ride of by summer, or else I can't take off my shirt.....ewww. I was told its not as bad as my grandpa's though.....which sickens me even more.

I finally sent away my netflix and gamefly games. Bring on Street Fighter (game fly) and Mission Hill Season2 and Afro Samurai Season 1 (netflix). Looking back on it now, idk why I even asked for Afro Samurai season 1. I watched on TV.....I guess I just need to own it...for a little.

My father's co-worker is wild as heck.....omg. Like wow. "you don't wanna be working with those kids when one of those girls rubs her big ole titties on your shoulder, and she's really 17 or 18, and your like 'damn!!!' And then your waking up the next day, sick and probably in trouble for sleeping with your student, and your thinking 'damn, shouldn't have f*cked that b*tch." I had no rebuttal for all. Haha.

I'm done. Waiting for grandma.
I'm gonna pass out now

HOB UP!!!!!

P.s: My name is Fletcher Sharpe....and I'm a micro-fiend. :-)

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