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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hanging with doo-doo brown

Man, I'm out here with D-scrub aka Darrick, aka now known as Doo-Doo Brown. N*gga can't stop pooping. Ugh! Nasty!

We hooped today. Went 6 and 2. He got his superstar meter up, and canned shot after shot. I made mine. Also made some sweet ass passes.

This dude keeps calling me "Mr. Carter" I'm gonna kill him. He means lil Wayne, because I want dreads, and my 6 tattoos.....I'm killing this dude, I swear to Moses.

We're on the people mover...#10. It keeps popping and making other noises. I'm actually kinda scared for my life. :-O

I would bone girl while riding in front of the Detroit river @ night. Its so romantic. Awww. The server/waitress was nice. We left her 9$ tip. yeah, we're big ballers.....although Darrick admitted to having a little meat. Haha!
(me: awww, he hit you in your mini meats?
Darrick: *shakes head yes*)

This guy on the people mover is taking to himself. I don't feel comfortable. He is having a full conversation with 3 other dudes. Handshakes and all. Every hand gesture I can think of. Wow, crazy ish, right there.

Darrick and I are the ONLY 2 people on the People Mover. Its kinda creepy. Like wow.....never thought that would happen this early.

This dude just blocked us in the elevator. He assumed we were going down a floor with him and his girl, his nice tanned girlfriend. I was gonna sock him in his jaw. I was acting straight ignorant. Haha. Not funny. :-(.

My shoulder kills. A lot. I tried to *zap* a ball of this kid while I was falling out of bounds......and I didn't need to.....and my shoulder just snapped when I threw it back.

Ugh, my uncle is in the car. I hate that n*gga. Ugh. Ewww.
Darrick is getting out of the car, and I am running out of things to say

HOB UP!!!!!

P.s: southlake tomorrow. Yay!

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