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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Man, we got our asses handed to us in the championship game. Our best player just turned it off and didn't care until we were down by like 15. We lost 74-59. I went 2/4 with a sweet fade-a-way, and had 3 rebounds, and 9 assists. Yes, 9 assists. I pass very well. I had 2 turnovers, though, one after I shook this kid, and then he stole the ball from behind. Well, I am kinda happy we didn't. The prize was just a small sized T-shirt. I would just cut the sleeves off, and worn it for track. Ugh, oh well. Atleast we made it that far. Their guy got hot too, 4 straight 3's on 4 straight possessions. And a half court shot at the end of the 3rd. And he called glass, too. Damn....ugh.

I am so sick. Ugh. Last night my mouth filled with mucus; it was ass nasty. I thought I was gonna choke. It was gross. I reconnected with a friend yesterday, Marty E. Watson. It was kinda cute. Awww.

My back is out. I took a charge, and got a no call, and my back just slammed on the ground. I was too mad @ the time to say "oww" or anything. But now, omg, it hurts. Going along with my groin, and the sickness, and I look like I was in the hospital. AND I have a random burn on my neck. Wtf? It hurts too. Its not even one of the cool looking scar burns, its just dark skin, like it looks like I didn't wash it.

There are A LOT of chaldeans who work at the market. They are either like the fake black chaldo men, or the fake fixed up chaldo women. Its kinda sad. They are kinda fake as a race. I hate them....all of them except for like 4 people. And one of them is half.

DAMN!!!! This store is like 90% chaldean! Wtf!?!?!? Like the only black people are working the bagging area. Awww, bomb ass! That's low as hell, dude.

Coach muhamed called. Father of Mushin Muhamed, the NFL wide reiceiver. He congradulated me on my race Saturday. :-D. He is coming to my next indoor meet, the 13th of March... D-': I don't want him to watch me run with a messed up back, groin, and sickness. :-(

I bought body wash! Yay! More body wash! Still won't help with my back acne. :-'(. Its not good. I need to get that fixed ASAP. With out my grandma seeing my chest or shoulder.

I got groceries to put up.
Hope my back goes ok.


P.s: no I did not vote today. So shoot me. N*gga.

1 comment:

  1. Haha, you all got beat.

    And Mariel is a Ligget girl. Fuck that shit.

    And most chaldeans are fake....nigga.....

    And I'll rub your back...............kinda homo...............................

    Also, voting is just a way for a popularity competition. So fuck it.


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