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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


They had me pushing point guard.....because they know I am not a scorer. I can score, but its not my #1 thing. I went 0/1, (2/3 from the FT fouled while shooting a 3....) 8 assists. Yes 8. I was making good passes. 4 rebounds. 1 block. And 1 tech. It was a valid one. I was standing straight up, and the guy ran me over. I hadn't move in like a minute, and he barrels over me. Yet I get called for the foul. I went, "WHAT!?!?! Get that mess outta here." and that is a qoute. And he T-ed me up. I was like "well, damn" but whatever. We won, too. 51-46. I started @ point too. Wasn't no backup. We have the same teams for the championship too. If that's the case, if we lock down. We got that. Easy.

I skinned my knee, and got my lip bust open. On the same possesion. I got elbowed in the mouth, then dove for the ball. I got it, but he tied me up. I had to check the other teams point guard for 2 quarters, then the center for another. I sat out the 4th. I couldn't hang with their point guard. He was quick, and he could shoot with out hesitation. And no, I AM NOT ON HIS TIP.

I am in photo class, LOST. I don't know what I am doing. At all. I skipped last class (ayi!!!! :-/) and the teacher isn't here. Atleast I got my HW due from last week done.....finally. :-)

Teacher is here now.
She looked blazed, with those big old glasses. Haha

I'm out though.
HOB UP!!!!


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