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Friday, February 27, 2009

Only on these days.

That's my bear, chaucer. My other bear, Bear, is @ my grandma's. I will put one up here of him. He is cool. They both are. I <3 them. Got a problem with it? I'll kill you..... *grim face*

It does feel good not have to run today, but it also feels akward. Like a fish out of water. Every Friday almost, I had a meet or something like one that I was prepping for. But not this week, nope. Just piggin out, slightly.

My breath is gonna be killer. Just ate a bag of doritos: cooler rancher, and a bag of sour cream and onion ruffles. Good thing I bought mints. I'm gonna need them.

I'm glad we got outta class early, I didn't wanna stay in that wack room. With all those chicks. Even Dawn. She seems alittle stuck up. Then again, I seem pretty to myself, to people who don't know me. Whatever. That lady in cafe who was in my class, finally recognized who I was, and stopped acting all distant and mean as hell. Good. Because I WAS ABOUT TO JAW THAT B*TCH IN A not really, but ya know.

Yesterday (and partially today) I reconnected with 3 friends. Danae O Florias, Devin F Marsh, and India D Smith. Awwww. I needed to. I can't just go through my own stuff and take it out on people. That's f*cked up. Really. Even if India got that Stank Jungle Bunny Breath. Ugh, HA!

Saw some people from Cranbrook yesterday. I was really about to jaw this girl, no lie, and I don't hit women....unless it in there G-spot. Ugh haha. But she was talking all over "Lupe The Killer"......which is my jam. And it wasn't like I was playing my music out loud. I had my headphones, and B*tch still was yacking away, loudly. Her boys saw that I wa getting annoyed by the dirty looks I was giving her. They tried to tell her, "but she didn't wanna heard them" so.....*wham* I JAWED THAT B*TCH SO CRUCIAL......nah, but it played out in my head, like an Afro Samurai scene, except only with my hands. I f*cked them white dudes (and chick) up. Haha.

Ok, India you can live with out cool ranch.....but can you live with out your cl*t? That's what cool ranch doritos is to society. The little bud to be stroked over and over and over again......for some reason that made me violently ill.

I'm not wearing a bandana today! Yay! And I actually picked out my hair....that's means I'll wear it with my headband today in class.... WHEE!!!! :-D

But class will begin in 40 min. People are showing up, so I gotta talk to them.

HOB UP!!!!!


P.P.S: Your Cl*t, India YOUR CL*T!!!

Outtie 5000Funny. The Friday I DON'T have a meet, I get good news. That news being I received 110 poi ya out of a possible 116 in my aerobics/pilates class. Uh huh. The lady hugged me, too. Wtf? B*tch get off me, I don't wanna get charged with RAP-E.

I got new shoes. They look like Fire.....they cold as heck. They had them in blue and black, but in reverse. Idk if they are hooping shoes, but I know they are low tops. So I prob won't be hooping in those.


  1. How do you know my middle name?!
    And why did my mention have to be so disgusting! the world could live without Cool Ranch!

  2. Lmao at the Agatha P.S.
    She's such a dumb whore.

  3. cool ranch sucks so badly its not even funny. nacho cheese are the only relevant doritos.

    you are not fast so get over yourself, i bet i could beat you in a footrace.

    those shoes and the bear suck.

    and walter herrmans hair is killing yours so keep dreaming. you can only wish your hair will grow long enough so that u can get it permed and flowing like his


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