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Sunday, March 1, 2009

"And On These Days These Deepend Wounds

Don't Heal So Fast, Can't see Me Croon, Of A Million Lives That Speak No Truth, Of The Time Gone By, That Now Is Through". ~ Von Bondies.

Ugh. My father = pain in the ass. "you leave outta the house with out combing your hair, I'm cutting it off"
1) you b*tch n*gga, if your ass had given me enough time to wake up, and get ready, I would have
2) you won't do sh*t to my hair, unless you wanna go to your next case missing a hand.
Really, I don't like this guy @ all. He acts like he is all high and mighty. DUDE WANTED TO KICK ME OUTTA THE HOUSE AGAIN FOR SOME FLOOZY AGAIN. AGAIN. And didn't wanna tell my ass, just wanted me to hurry out. His ass NEVER wants me in the house. Unless I am @ a track meet.

I just went to this black male (not black mail) group, with Chaste, Jabari, his brother and others. This was actually kinda funny and fun. Had a Lebron-Kobe dispute @ the end.

I'm sorry this is like 10 hours later, but once I saw street fighter 4 in my mail slot, I forgot about everything else.

I'm done now
Leaving for Ohio tomorrow

HOB UP!!!!!

P.s: frosted flakes really are great.

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