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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Wanna See My Pipe?" ~ Serge-P B.

Best day of 2009? Today, March 11th. Like no girls were involved either. I remembered why the end of senior year was fun: Serge and his family. They make me laugh. All of them. No homo, but I missed serge. We insult each other, but its not like serious insults. Its like.....normal talk.

Anyways, I saw "Watchmen" with Serge and his cousin, Matt. I'd give it a 8.7 out of 10. Only because it was long as hell, and was drawn out @ some parts. But I loved the plot, gore, and even the soft core porn. Kinda akward though, Dr. Manhattan (blue guy) coulda covered up alittle more. I didn't wanna see his all frankly, but if I had to see it, once or twice at the most....but not 1/3 of the damn movie.

I want a "Rorschach" mask, for my next track meet. Man....I will win....because I'll intimidate everyone. Haha.

I joined USA Track and Field today.....I have some BIG ASS shoes to ATTEMPT to fill. I also made my papers to send to Arizona State in Tempe, AZ, and Arizona.....where ever it is. Arizona State is where Henry Carr went. That's my cousin. He is a 2 time gold medalist @ the '64 Tokyo Olympics. Ranked #1 in the world in the 200 for like 2 years........maybe its best I don't bring up the fact that's my cousin, eh? Yeah, I don't think I'll be coming close to f*cking with his 20.5 or 20.2 220 yard (old talk for 200 meters, really about 201 meters) no.....that's not me, friend.....but maybe it could be.

I am happy. I made my bestie feel better. Yes, I am talking about Deondra LaJuan Powers. Yes, put your government name out there like that. But I <3 you, and I'm sorry for what you went though. <3 ya bestie.

I'm soo tired, I'm out of here like.....whatever is the opposite of (body)hair.

HOB UP!!!!

P.s: go to rennisance High school today @ 5, and watch UofD get Buttf*cked my Pershing. HAHAHA.

Outtie 5000/BlackOut

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