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Friday, March 6, 2009

"Your So 753,43" ~ India D Smith (The Ride Back)

I know I have seemed really different, and allmost angry. Its because I have been. I've been made @ A lot of people. My friends for one. My family, and even some people I don't know. Its just. Idk. Its been real hard for me. My friends have just kind of.....idk, let me down. Like.....devin, for example. (mind you, I hate calling people out....a lot, but, some things need to just be out there) look here, if your gonna tell me, that our friendship started on some farces, why don't you tell me that the next day? Huh? Instead of changing up your story, as I embraced you as one of my better friends. Just makes me feel like an ass, a lot later, and makes you look like one, sort of, when you tell me that. Like really, what the hell?

Anyways. I just got on the bus. I had fun. And I mean it. I did. I missed my family down here. Albiet, we fought @ sometimes. But that's what families do.

This bus driver is funny. She is the anti-of the one who drove down here. I remember her from before.
"1000$ to ask me a question, and 750$ to receive an answer. My real job is to drive this greyhound, not answer questions" I smiled @ that. It was funny. I hope she didn't take offense when I called her "ma'am" wasn't trying to say she was old. Just trying to show respect.

I am going to go to this kairos thing today. Idk why. But I feel I should. It might be the only one I attend, so I might as well do it.

There is this chick on the bus who looks like Remy Ma. Yuck! Nasty ass h*. Remy Ma is not cute. At all. Any woman who would talk about running through men like nothing is not attractive. Unless its their job. Then.....can't really do nothing about that. Like Ice La Foxxx, she is bad as heck. But she goes through men AND women. She is still bad as heck though. I didn't know she got implants. She used to be one of them slim cute chicks. All slim. Now she has DDs. It don't even look right. She don't look like Ice La Foxxx. :-/

I watched "The Last House on The Left". The original Version from 1972 I think. That movie was f*cked up. No other words to describe it. Just f*cked up. Dude made the 2 girls do it. The scene was akward as heck. Like wasn't a little cut away. It showed the whole thing, until he forced the girl down on the other girl, then it cut away. But it showed the whole stripping scene. And the whole everything else. It even showed the rape scene. Wtf man, I don't wanna see that sh*t.......but you could tell he got his nut....ewww. Then the mother did the most OC (Out Cold or Out of Control) thing in the movie. She gives the dome to one of the bad guys, willingly. Then she (if your sqwemish, skip this) BITES HIS NUTS OFF. SHE BIT OFF HIS MOTHERF*CKING NUTS!!! OMFG! Like I had nightmares of that. Ewww, damn!

I had a bad expierence, where I made Meilani (oh, hell yeah, I'm name calling now, B*tches) "give up the ghost"......TWICE before I "gave up mine"......and she didn't wanna finish me off. :-/
It happend again last night. With my freaky-zeaky neighbor.
"I don't ever give head"
(then why you ask me to do it?)
"because men are supposed to"
(both people are)
"not really"
(so your gonna leave me hanging?)
"finish yourself off"
...........I didn't. She snapped outta that, real quick. and so ends my 5 month celibacy.

Man I passed out @ like 1150. Its 13:43. (1:43PM) and I just woke up. There is a dude who looks just like Corey Brewer. Weak ass n*gga. Some white chick just went by on a beautiful blue motor cycle.. She surprisingly was on the heavyside. But still. The bike was gorgeous. It matched my shorts and shirt, which are UNC blue. I hate UNC basketball, but I love UNC football. They are gritty and I <3 it. Not much flash, just smash and dash. That's great football, right there.

We stopped in Lima just now. And a kid who visibly is from Detroit got on, so says his hoodie. He is talking to this shady dude, in a low voice, who slightly resembles siagon, except he had an eyebrow and a lip peircing. Looks like he is giving him a life lesson in something, because he his giving that "look here, n*gga" mean mug.

We are almost to findlay. I can't wait. I'm hungry. Can't get any taco bell, though.....well maybe some. I know I gotta deposit some of these funds into my account to keep it afloat. Its getting bad. Like real bad. I really need to stop using my card. That's emergency money. And I'm not using it for emergencies.

So I am past halfway home. Wow. This chick in front of me keeps looking back @ me. She need to quit. I'll "FYUCK HER UP, NYU-KUH". She aint cute.

Omg, I sat on one of my balls. It hurt very badly. Like....ever had one of them pinched before? It was like that.

As you might have noticed along time ago. Darrick told me to chance the music, so I did mostly. See? Its more hip-hop is, so if Darrick b*tches me out, I'm gonna f*ck him up. Street fighter style.

You know who sucks at rapping? Detroit's own Danny Brown. I'm sorry rob, but he isn't good. If ass cheeks could talk, they would spit his rhymes. His off beat nerd ass. His best rhyme "You aint no Boss, you fake M.bison" the worst? "I'm on top of the cake like sprinkles, like frosting" or some sh*t. I don't wanna remember it. Better yet, his worst line is his verse in his "Contra" freestyle. He made a song about a cheat code. People think he is cold. Wtf is wrong with you? "Danny Brown is cold, D-town stand up!" yes stand up and throw tomatoes @ that n*gga. I could take him in a rap battle.....and WIN. Rob said his braids make him kinda sweet. Well my tattoos cancel out his braids. There. Wack ass n*gga. Just his thought infuriates me. I know what your thinking "HATER". No. Talk about kobe? Hater. Talk about lebron (sometimes)? hater. Talk about any one successful? Hater. DANNY BROWN AINT SH*T!!!! They probably keep him around for comedy relief.

One of the most jacked up things I heard this weekend. "Man, he took my sister virginity.....before I did" ~ Gunnar Fritz Stannsson. Also know as Ricky, The black guy from Unforgiveable. Some parts of those movies make no sense what so ever. Like in "The Long afternoon" why would you pick up a random dude on the side of the road? And if he was a knife? So? Drive your ass away. And if he throws his knife at the armrest to show it to you. Grab it once it hits the ground, and turn on him. Man.....ugh. Haha, I still love the movies.

I bought the ultimate shirt (online, god dammit) while in Cincy. It completed my life. After I get it, that is.

We finally stopped in Findlay. And I decided not to get taco bell. And I ended up paying about the same price anyways. Damn 5 hour energy. My stomach still aint recover from that Red Robin. Oh yeah, PAIGE ALSTON STEALS HER LITTLE SISTER'S DORA THE EXPLORER UNDERWEAR AND WEARS THEM. (told I would get you Paige.)

All I have left are 2 45 min drives about. One from findlay to Toledo, then from Toledo to Detroit. And then I might have to come right back down here in 2 Saturdays. Down to Toledo area, not Cincy. And its looking like I prob won't be going to that meet @ Cedarville. Doesn't look like mom wants to acomadate me that day. And the OSU one, they both said that they don't wanna have to drive me there and back both days. And there is no way in hell I am driving down to OSU. From Detroit to Mich State is the distance it is from Cincy to OSU. So after this long ass drive, I then gotta have another? Oh hell no.

Its been said music makes things so by faster. These 45 min don't seem to be moving by any faster @ all.

That chick in front of me is possibly retarded. She has just a straight ahead stare that kinda bothers me. Esp when she looks back @ me. I held the door open back @ findlay, and she just went right past it. Didn't look anywhere except ahead. I was like "well, gawd damn" and went in.

I have on my NEW Navy Blue Tights. And I love them. Dearly. I am gonna collect all different color tights. That's my goal. Mind you, I mean athletic tights. Not them gay (sorry Jamal) see through ones. I mean actual solid "keep you warm" tights. Ewww.

Why whenever the chorus of "We On" (Lupe, Gemstones) plays does the sun come of? And it gets all bright. Then some depressing song comes on, and it makes no sense.

I miss my old life. I just realized that. Before the track season. Before I met all these girls. Before I got tattooed. Hell even before UofD. Just I miss that. Back when if you lied it had little consequence, and when your only real problems wernt money running out on your card, and school suffocating you. They were I want better pokemon cards. And other things. If I could go back in time andjust give all my wisdom and thought to the 5th/6th grade me. I'm sure I wouldn't be were I am now. I would be successful. People wouldn't trash my ass behind my back. i'd be closer to my birthday-mate, Dan Bruder. I have to meet someone who hates him. And that' outta atleast 2000 people;

I miss back when Spencer schmid and TJ and I were like best friends. Like all of us. Back when all my frosh friends and I were close. Before they all changed, and back before I change a little too.

Ah! Home! Finally.
Now lemme get to this kairos thing, and then its some street fighter, BOY!

HOB UP!!!!


  1. You may wanna change the link in your stat. It leads me nowhere and I have do a google search to find it.

    But it was good seeing you yesterday. Hope you don't feel as sore as you did yesterday.

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