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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wow, You All Suck

yeah, thanks.....
i kinda posted that link for feedback alittle bit, w/e
ya'll just aint gonna help a dude
thats smooth...

anyways, i realized that in all honesty i have not many real friends
lemme list who i see as my friends are:
Part of HOB which includes: Rob Solomon & Darrick Ervin
Caleb Dear
Tim Ossman (well technically no because he is family)
Marysia McMillan
and sometimes Devin M. & Marty Watson

aside from
i dont really see anyone else as really much of a friend
i dont wanna name call, so please dont make me.....

i thought so of ya'll were my friends...WERE...
but...naturally, i was wrong.
back to the 1st post, i guess
ya'll some low ass ho*s

not all of ya'll, like India...ya'll ok most times, but not all the time.
but whatever.....
this might make some of you stop reading....but...
i'm sorta concerned....but then again sorta not....
i mean not many people read anyways...
then again., aint for

HOB UP!!!!


Outtie 5000

1 comment:

  1. Fletcher, again you may not consider me a friend, but I gotcha back, buddy. Either way, good luck with whatever goes down.


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