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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Sun And The Moon

(started yesterday, March 30th, around 3pm) i realized that I have lost a lot of people as friends, but if you're gonna be flakey and not talk to me, why don't you let me know, so I don't waste time talking to you? Hmmm? Makes sense don't it, Danae? Yeah? Assh*le.

Today was weird. I got accused of verbally assulting a female classmate, when I asked her why she was affraid of me. Yes, because I am terrifying her by asking why she is affraid of me, GTFOH! Then my uncle acts like a supreme ho. I am getting tired of that man, and his child. I have a little brother who I love. I look after that guy. That's my little brother. Don't make my least favorite uncle's son into my little brother. You will get negative responces. Very negative.

(this post continues on to the next morning)

Netflix is awesome. I love it. I especially love the watch instantly feature. "Jackass 2.5" is funny so far. Bam Margera is a puss. I hate him. Steve-O is like my favorite person ever. "Dizzy Boxing" looks like something me and some friends would do. Bam Margera is SOOOO gay. He is flying a kite with his ass. He likes d*cks near his butt, waaaaaay too much. These dudes are Laying on a damn bed of nails. The Agories were drinking their own pee? AND I just saw Bam's penis? Ugh. Dude got shot with a mini his ass. Uh-uh!

(and now around 1:20PM)
Its official. I hate all Arabic people. Most Asian people bother me (aside from my kin, the Filipino) and white-black people make me sad. These Arabic people are arguing about the different ways to speak. Someone said something that they didn't understand, and now they are beefing, mad.

I now fully go to OCC. All my paper work cleared. I am probably the only person who does not wanna be @ this school. I am embarersed. But I can't lie. If I did, my tattoo would be a farce ("The High Minded Man Must Care More For The Truth Then What People Think") the people here are just.....its the same as Oakland. Except not as American. I'm surrounded by Full Blown Arabics, The Japenese or Korean, and The Chaldeans. Omg, this so sucks. I'm like depressed now.

I'm done for today/yesterday. I'll have a better one Friday and Saturday. Friday, I'm rooming up @ State with a friend. (No, I will get NO cakes, and I'll be happy with it) then Saturday, I have a track meet. The Spartan Invite. If I actually go, and don't piss people off, I'll have a great entry. And if I don''ll just see a lot. Of swearing.

HOB UP!!!!!!!

P.S: I hate people who start in one language then switch mid-sentence when you walk by. Its annoying and f*cked up. Plain and simple.


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