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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hahaha, I'm back!

Sorry. Life has been fast paced full of papers. Haven't had time to blog. Not even from my phone. Sh*t is crazy. My track season might be over, I lost 2 girls of my dreams, I have 3 papers due Friday, I had a OC akward momment with my "Bess Fran" Marty, were I went to grab her hand and virtually grabbed her boob. She wasn't mad, but I felt shamed. It wasn't a full out grab, like "gimmie this!" it was kinda a rub grab. But lemme start telling sh*t:

I have severed friendships like dude nipping rose pedals. Only to have some of them bloom right back. Devin, I cut that, grew back. Marty, I cut that, grew back. India, I kinda cut that, may not grow back. Megan, I kinda cut that, idk if that is wanted back, honestly. Olivia, I most def cut that, and it will NEVER grow back, whore. I'm also talking to more people from UofD, idk why. I saw a bunch of them yesterday @ Summerset.

Serge and I went to see watchmen. I gave it a 8.5. Too long, too much blowing stuff up, too much soft core porn scenes. No, I'm not gay, I just don't wanna see all of that, all the time.

I saw last house on the left with Marty. I give it a 7. It was ok. Plot wise and scare factor it was better than the old one. But the old one had better deaths. But the new ones was more politically correct.

I think I'm becoming the old me. I'm listening to the old Dipset artists I liked before I thought they sucked: JR Writer, and Juelz Santana. "B*tch listen, this isn't no damn game in here, the whole bird gang's in here, like Kurt Kobain was here, yeah yeah yeah yeah!" (I loved that line, sorry)

My stomach feels awful. Yucky. I feel like I'm gonna hurl. And it doesn't feel like the pretty one either. Not just all liquid. Ewww.

As I said earlier, my track season might be over. I was messing around with a friend. We were building stuff out of hollow scraps of metal. It tipped over. One of the scraps happened to have weight in it.....which made it super heavy. That b*tch crashed into my shin. Hella hard. Cut it open, but not that bad. But it hurt to walk. Found out why. Might have a deep bone bruise, and if I do, then I might have to lay off for the rest of the season. (I won't, but I'll be instructed too)

This sleeve is hard as heck to draw. Idk what describes me super well. I got a rain cloud, for pessimisim, rain thunder, and hail for the same. "HOB" at the bottom of my wrist, and "The Man of a Million Names" in the inside of my arm. I can't think of anything else, and my friends aren't helping, partially because they don't want me to get this sleeve. Eh, what they fail to understand is that its conditional. If I don't become a pro, then yes, I won't get it. If I do, 80% chance I will.

I just turned on my phone's music, and "Viva La Vida" came on. Made me sad. Song always does. I have no good reason why. But when followed by the Tekken 3 Theme of Eddy Gordo, I don't feel so bad. His theme sounds happy island-y. If I can say that. Yes I listen to the Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag Tournament soundtracks. They got some cold beats.

I think Marty thinks I'm stupid. Or just plain don't like me. But is just bored enough to where she has to hang out with me, rather than do nothing.

I had a weird dream. It was a bunch of play kids and this little, round Filipino girl. She had this huge Chinese symbol on her shoulder. And everytime I looked @ her, it changed. The play kids and I were about to play touch football (bwahaha, them be athletes? Come on, they barely played athletes right in a play). But I was there and I was talking about how I was gonna be sweet. I remember this part for sure: "I'm gonna be f*ckin dre bly, the old sweet Dre Bly, I'm gonna be Leigh Bodden before the lions got him, I'm gonna be matha-f*ckin Nandi Asumouga!" then I woke up soon after. Whoo. I was f*cked up. Haha.

My arms hurt so bad. And I need to put more money on my card before it runs out. Either that or cancel netflix and gamefly mommentarily. I dropped photo with telling anyone. Hate that class, love the teacher though.

Molly broke my heart.....sorta. She told me she couldn't love, which why we couldn't be. And now she is kickin it with some lovely. (that was a rhyme, I'm stepping my game up.....where you. @, robba????)

I think I'm done.. The main reason why I couldn't blog was because my phone screen was messed up. And when it got messed up, I have no reason to blog. Doing it from the computer is WAAAY too hard.
But I'm the belly button, outtie,
HOB UP!!!!

P.s: this feels so familiar.....kinda missed it.


1 comment:

  1. It's about time you updated.

    But I hope you can run again. It's something you like, and if it's taken away from you that would suck.

    I missed you, Fletch the Stretch. Keep them coming.


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