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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nice Digs, Yo

Man, that meet @ MSU, messed me up. I hurt my hammy, again. It hurts a lot. I might cry....haha, psych. But it does hurt. The lady @ taco bell was laughing @ me, pants falling, limping, politely swearing (crap, fudge, heck, etc.).

The meet went ok. I gotta check where I placed. I already know I didn't place top 8. My 60 was awful. Maybe I PR-ed for an indoor 200. I hope. Molly, my wife, came. She was looking cute as heck. Big ole donk, hahahaha. <3. She aint give me any before the race....that's why I did bad. That chick, Nury, ho ass. Didn't even answer me today. On purpose. Its cool, drunk ass, ho ass, trick sucker b*tch. I got you.

I saw my rival, Brenden Curren. Its more like a Hworang and Jin Kazama rivalry. (look up "Tekken 3" to understand the characters) like I see him as a rival, but he kinda barely sees me....@ all. One of the 3 catholic league kids to beat me in a race. He's weird. Kinda hard to call him a teammate. But I guess I will after next week if I go to practice. IF. Ann Arbor is a long way to go, @ 7PM. Unless I get some "cut" while I'm there, otherwise.....uh......haha

"Old School Joint" by Lupe Fiasco is a great song. More of a cool down song, than a pump up song.

If you go to bed on time, you feel better during the day. Example: I go to bed @ 9:05PM (or 21:05 as my phone reads) yesterday. I wake up @ 3:18. Fully refreshed. Been awake since then, aside from that 20 min blackout on the way to MSU. I think I will go home and start on the English HW, that I can do, and take a hit on the stuff I can't. Then.......

I'm gonna bust a nut, and whip out AFRO SAMURAI!!!!!! N*GGGGGGGGGGGGGA!!!!!! Hahaha.

My phone is about to die. I'll Trojan man this and wrap it up, quickly.

I had a 5 hour energy. I am coming off of it right now.

I'm gonna take a nap. Ttyl

HOB UP!!!!

P.s: getting my Fletch-flow (mojo) back. Watch out, trick...hahaha


  1. Hah, nice to see you had a good day. And rape afro samurai for me.


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