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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This post IS NOT for the faint of heart

Now, I am about to say so mean as hell stuff, that might be viewed as racist. But, really I don't care. Because if your going to like me, you will, and if not, you won't. I won't be hurt. I got balls, n*gga! Haha.

(note to reader: I am fgping this as I think. So it will sometimes read and sound a bit disjointed, be will sink in soon.)

White chicks....ya'll some f*cked up people. Ya'll act all scared of a <black> dude. Giving me, of all people, the look of "please, just take my purse, but don't rape me" man, get that weak bull out of here. Your ugly first of all, and secondly, I wouldn't wanna be charged for murder when I break your bony ass in half, by taking off your pants. Either that or I don't want you fat ass gut to eat my d*ck. Nasty looking h*es. Ya'll white male counterparts aint better, but I'm not on them right now.

Chaldean chick- oh ya'll are a piece of work. You all have NO ASS what so ever. Attention: WEARING HARD TAILS DOESNT MEAN YOUR BUTT IS BIG. IT MEANS YOUR TRYING TO HARD, TO COMPENSATE FOR IT. And ya'll the fakest chicks on the world!!!!! Atleast the white skeezo's eventually say "hey, I don't like you" them chaldean chicks lead you in some circles. THAT'S WHY YOU B*TCH ASS H*ES DON'T HAVE A COUNTRY. The rest of the middle East said f*ck you, and split ya'll up like a whore, @ a run-train-party. And to top it off, ya'll the skankiest h*es ever! Ever! EVER! I could coat my d*ck in kerosene and say its chocolate, and your ass will suck the SH*T out that bad boy. And half of ya'll are butt ugly anyways.....believe me there. Ugh!

Ah, Black chicks- haha. Ya'll make me sick, really. "N*ggaz aint sh*t! N*ggaz aint sh*t!" shut the f*ck up! If you picked a dude who was possibly worth something, not some n*gga who will do whatever you say.....because he aint sh*t, maybe you would have halfway decent relationship, instead of declaring all n*ggas aint sh*t. Hmmm? Ya'll think of that? Then ya'll some difficult ass people in general. Ya'll want a thug, but when he is gone for a long time, and comes back and kicks your ass, you want a compassionate guy. But when you get tired of him, you call him a p*ssy, and say he doesn't love you, and that you want a thug again. And ya'll some inappropriate ass people.
Those are the 3 right now I can really focus on, because I haven't really spoken to man Asian women, or many india, or any other persuasion of that sort.

Back to the happy stuff,
AFRO SAMURAI came in the mail....finally. Hell yeah! I'm gonna not get any homework done tonight. Haha.

I'm so tired. I'm also tired of women/girls looking @ mr like I am super scary and intimidating. Wtf? I'm a normal ass, passive ass, cool ass child. I am not gonna mug your ass because I wear a hat and bandana. They're are NO gangs that weary Cyan bandanas, or Green bandanas, or Red LOONY TUNES bandanas. So cut that bullsh*t out. Pronto. That AINT cute, and like the "unforgive"'s Ricky, its "Pissing me off with that ignorant bull"

This white chick has some pale ass legs, and a stomach. But a sorta cute face. If you like the porn star face. But UGH, anyways.

I'm out
HOB UP!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Remember, men lie, women lie, but numbers don't.

    And already know I love homo....

    And for black chicks, just remember what he said in the pimp chronicles.

    Also, STATE, BEOTCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


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