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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Track and Sh*t

I had a good day today, and an ok one yesterday. I saw a familiar face @ the meet. Devin Burnett. He was hurdle-ing. Dude hit EVERY HURDLE. But he made semi's so I can't hate on him. Plus he's my dude. Can't try and say stuff. But he told me more of the team is coming next week....I kinda don't wanna see some of those n*ggas. Like Mike....UGH. Anyways. I recorded my 1st track. Sent it to Rob. We "gon set the f*ckin hood on fire" haha.

I placed 19th or 20th outta like 90 kids. That's good enough. Considering that dumb ass teacher strained my groin.
Then today went and balled out with Caleb. We lost the 1st game. But I caught fire near the end. Missed my first shot. Hit the next 5. Then later, we "tied". It was 4-4 and the gym was closing. So it was a tie. W/e, we would have won. I hurt 2 of my fingers. :-(
One was jamed, the other feels like my tendon was messed up.

Then we went to pizza poppolis. Caleb was about to have me kill him. Haha. "nigga, eat this food!"

We stopped in Astoria, aka, home of HOB Music. And got some patries.....and saw some Cute girls. They were lookin @ Caleb though, not I. :-( damn.....haha. These chicks on the people mover were trying to act all old, and sh*t, and I'm sure they were only like 20. I hate chicks like that. But whatever.

The Pistons just got the game against Milwaukee Bucks. The refs hand wrapped it. Yeah they did, pistons fans. But My Boy Ramon Sessions aka The NBDL's poster boy, just dropped hot ass buckets all on that ass. 44 points on Rip and Iverson. DAMN! Haha. And even "Ugly Charlie" Villanueva got off on them, haha.

Adultswim is funny as heck. I laugh all the time....its stupid too, but funny. I just talked to a girl AND her sister. The older one is BAD AS HECK....the younger one is alrite. The older one (20) finally gave me a damn chance....a small ass one, but one regardless.

HAHA! Adult swim just made a voltron reference. I love that show.....I'm gonna make a refrence to it in this next verse, once my comp boots up.
I'm bout to go chow on this food. Pizza, Chicken, Ribs, and pastries in the morning. Haha.

HOB UP!!!!

P.s: as you might have noticed, I am not on as much. Sorry. Track eats up more time than I thought, and I am re-dedicated to school, so....yeah... Sorry again :-/ that is if you read these a lot. Haha

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  1. First let me start off by saying that YOU FINALLY UPDATED YOUR FUCKING BLOG OMG I CHECK homo.....

    And yeah, Mike claims that you didn't talk to him for like a week because he beat you or something last year. I was like w/e...

    But congrats at the meet. And that nigga DLB sitll needs work, but he'll be smooth by states.

    And of course Adult Swim is funny. Were you watching Robot Chicken? Just curious.

    But glad to see your enjoying life Fletcher. DO WORK SON!!!!!!


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