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Friday, February 6, 2009


What up?
I know I haven't been doin this much. Sorry if your an avid reader. School picked up. Track picked up. And I picked up.....them sticks and went back to whoopin cats on xboxlive and such. I need to lay off the video games. I got work due. I've been faking throwing up so I can turn in this photo work Tuesday, and I haven't really touched it since last Saturday.

I found a nice phrase that I like. "Graceful Degradation". It is a system's (or the body's) ability to function after losing certain parts, or suffering serious damage. I like it because, it describes the way I do things. I'll usually be missing something, and I'll still find a way to do it. It might not get done, but it atleast gets started.

"When You Suffer, Know It Was I Who Betrayed You". That's a cold ass thing to say. I'm gonna start saying that now. Marilyn Manson is a cool dude. I mean after you look past all the crazy makeup, skin bleach, crazy clothes, and akward mannerisms. He is very smart. A lot smarter than people think. He got head during his music video.....while it was shooting. <Coolness up!> He also actually cut himself in the same video, and they had to re-do the scene because there wasn't enough sound in the mic.....his qoute was "Ah.....Sh*t...." <coolness down>

I have this stupid ass pilates/aerobics class, then my good English class, (which I need to go print this paper out for), then I start the track Gauntlet. 6 meets in 3 weeks and a stretch, where I have 3 meets in 3 days. The 19th at Eastern Michigan, the 20th @ Macomb CC, then finally the 21st, @ Michigan. The full schedule is today @ MCC, next Wednesday @ Michigan state, and then that Friday @ MCC. I might burn out in March. I'm about to do a season's worth of meets in about 3 weeks. The only difference is I am only running 2 events, not four, like @ UofD. Still, the competition is tougher so I have to run double hard.

This lady really wants me to look up @ her.....not happening. Lady go away with that bull. You know what I mean, when a person of opposite sex sits near you, and just starts talking out loud about their stuff? Like "oh I just don't know these commandments." like B****, I'm not gonna help you, get outta here with that ignorant bull. And your like 35. Just cause I have facial hair don't mean I'm old.

I try not to "lol" anymore. And I think I have really gotten out of there. On a rare occasion when someone presents me with some stupid stuff, I give em "(A Rare) lmao". Like n*gga/b*tch, get outta hear with that ignorant mess. So if I say that to you. That's what I mean.

That cute girl dawn showed up. She doesn't look so cute today. She looks alrite. Maybe my sweat deluded my eye sight just a little. Maybe the fact I'm laying down right now, deluded how well I can see her.
I got 3 hours of sleep. I'm tired as hell. Damn lakers/Celtics game went to OT, delaying when I started on my paper. Then this stupid test in this stupid pilates/aerobics class. Wtf? How is your ass gonna give us a test then give us no notes, when we don't have a textbook. Telling us, "you can find whatever you need to find online" wtf does that mean? If I come with some different stuff that's not on the test, I better still get an A or I'm whoopin some old ass, ya dig?

That older lady came back. Now she is doing an all time pet peeve of mine. I HATE Bluetooth headarts. With a passion. I espcially hate those people who talk on them loudly to feel important. I espcially hate those people who talk to you, while wearing them. I espcially hate when people do any of the above, while they are eating. That's some rude ass, nasty ass sh*t.

And the person can barely hear her, so she is repeatuh stuff over and over again. Omg, n*gga, shut the f*ck up. I hate people who talk loud so that you look @ them, so they feel important.

This test is on "The Art of Controllolgy" WTF IS THAT SH*T?!?!?!?!?! That aint even a word. This chick is crazy.

But I'm out, I gotta bounce.
Class starts soon. And these chicks are having a funny convo. I wanna ease drop on that, haha.


P.s: these chicks are bugging out about this test! HAHA! Funny stuff. Good luck to me in this meet.

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  1. Ehh I havent commented in a while, but the fact of the matter is, at least things are looking up somewhat. Keep pushin hard, Fletch


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