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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I feel like crap. Just complete feces. (I played like it too, but we still got the W) Ugh. My head kills. I feel sick to mi Estomago. Idk what's wrong. Maybe I shouldn't have acted half sick last week. Maybe I shouldn't have hung out with that sick girl. Alotta maybes. I feel like I'm gonna keel over. Not a good feeling. I'm sitting in the social area, "Dying, making a scene" haha, it hurts to laugh.

The prettiest girl (in my opinion) in my English class just walked out. I didn't see until then. She was virtually right next to me. Maybe if I wasn't dead I woulda spat some game like Nintendo. I'm sorry, I'm kinda stalkerish, but she is bad as heck.

I played like straight boo-boo today. 2/6 shooting. 4 pts, and another tech. For some stupid ass call. I literally fouled this guy 5 times, 4 on purpose. (yes I admit it) the ref let it go. Then homie catches me with an elbow to my face, and tell me why he calls a foul on my for flopping? Oh nigro, hush. Ugh

(after an hour long nap)

I feel better. My head still kinda kills but no drilling pain. Got me some popcorn. Its good. I hope the butter isn't like the milk. Then if so, I'm screwed. For I found out I'm lactose intolerant the hard way. After a bowl of cereal. Wah

They are smart. School won't let them sell popcorn. So they give it to you for free, but ask for a donation. That's clever as heck.

This campus police officer always looks @ me funny. Everyday. No smile. Just stone cold look. Like "what are you doing?" and most of the time I am sitting. I'm tired of him. Really.

I finally saw a huge prejudice joke in Xavier: Renegade Angel. I know they said the creators are slightly racist against blacks, but....come on. The joke was Xavier picked up a box of crayons. He finds a brown one called "Flesh" he exclaims "Flesh tone? How racist" then he stumbles across a black crayon and exclames "Ah, Shiftless! Its time to black you up!" albiet I laughed abit the first couple of times. After I caught it, I made my racist sour face. I'm not gonna boycott the show, or anything, but really? Wtf? But oh well.

I wonder besides like Stennett, (occasionally) Darrick, The Creepy Guy, and this chick.....who really reads this?

These middle eastern men make me sick with their slicked back hair and their gangster lumps. Ugh, get the f*ck out of here. Damn! Ya'll aint cool, just because you walk around with the fly-est stuff. In actuality, most of the realist gangster thugs, don't have anything. That's why they are thugs. If they had the fly-est gear, they wouldn't need to knife your dumb ass for yours. Serves you right for going into a neighborhood you know might be messed up. I'm glad your chain got janked. And I hope they backhand gun wound doesn't heal. And I hope your window takes forever to fix. HAHA

My ass is hitting the sheets when I get home. Straight sleep.....with my Teddy bear. AND? You wanna say shit bout my bear? I'll slap your ass from here to your momma's birth canal, I don't play that. Anyways I did it before my first race for UofD (frosh year vs CC) and although I embarressed myself (my pants fell) I made varsity that day (because my pants fell). So I do it every night I have a meet. So if you don't like it, you can do your best "Superhead"

And another thing I would like to address, thanks to Facebook's Friend Facts attachment or whatever, "I AM NOT BI-SEXUAL" so why outta 13 times being asked, did 12 or 11 people say "Yes, Fletcher (w/e my middle name is @ the time) is Bi-sexual" wtf? That makes me on supreme edge. What do I do to make people think I am? Really? I'm very pissed off about that. Like I won't even front. Like I have no problem with Bisexuals and homosexuals, I am friends with some of the open ones. But, I AM NOT one. So....get that straight.

Dad's here. Finally. Home time. Sleep time. Clean room time. Yeah, and I mean it.....after I wake up. Haha.


P.s: "Rhymes So Obscene, They Call Me Super Bad, But I'll still rattle your frame, like Felix Trinidad" :-D
Championship game next week, and track gauntlet this Thursday, until Saturday. I gotta get in that 60s ass or else I miss qualifying....again.


  1. I hate how I'm the creepy guy. Maybe I should stop reading.........nigga...........

    Lol j/k. Whatever you think of me Fletcher.

    Hope you feel better tho. And fuck the campus officer. He's like the police. Damn pigs.


    Also, I had sex with that teddy bear. Bitch. And I'm not kidding about that.

  2. "This campus police officer always looks @ me funny. Everyday. No smile. Just stone cold look. Like "what are you doing?" and most of the time I am sitting. I'm tired of him. Really."

    I would say punch him in the face, but A) he's not worth it and B) he probably wants you to...throw a donut at his fat stupid a.. and tell him to shove it and leave you alone. that kind of stuff pisses me off...p.s. howd the eastern meet go? R.L.Lisiecki


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