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Sunday, April 5, 2009

RootZilla Beez

What I learned at Michigan State: your bike can be f*cked and STILL chained to the bike rack.

I had a good weekend. Whether it was intended to be like that or not. Rossi is my best (male) friend. I owe him. A lot. I shoulda just stayed with him to begin, like I planned. I really think I bothered him, a lot. Felt kinda like an ass. The only thing that I could say went wrong is the fact I took my laptop, so I left my charge cord. Dumb, I know. But hey, we had fun watching netflix videos. I passed out around 4. Someone had the nerve to think I was gonna walk over to the place @ 2 in the morn. Yeah, I already don't know where the hell I'm going. Rossi is a 2nd semester transfer, so he doesn't really know where he is too much. That futon in there is nice. Anyways, Nury's weird self didn't tell me she had a bf. So, she invited me over to her dorm....with her, I'm fine thank you. I had to bust out my tigger slippers. Uh huh!

My meet was not so great. My 100m was just plain ass awful. My 200m was better but I ran out of gas near the end of it.....NO JUICY! (Robert). I saw my ex. She was looking kinda cute. Kinda. She still had that look, like..."wtf?", but she did recognize me first. And she did go away, then come back to talk. It was kinda cute. I did ho her.... Thrice. She got me back though, so it was good. She wouldn't help me up, stating that I was walking, even though I had wrecked my groin. Its because I have high pain tolerance. But whatever. I think I ran a decent 200. Best of the year. I know that. Because it was outdoor. Psh, haha.

I'm still kinda steemed about how Friday went down, but w/e. That's life I guess. Thanks, Rossi. Hell of a weekend.

I'm gonna go back to bed.

HOB UP!!!!

P.s: I THINK I might have found a girlfriend.....Spring Arbor?


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