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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Oh The People You'll Meet

I know, I know. I haven't been blogging as much. I've just been trying to live life. Maybe blog later. But just recently, I felt the need to bring a couple things to light.

I don't have a facebook for the momment. No I didn't delete you. If I do, and I know you, you'll know before I do it. I'll tell you. I am "an active tweeter", I let my thoughts be known on there. Its almost like texting with out texting. Its ok. I don't have to feel connected with people to talk to them. Facebook makes that so. Makes you feel like you have to actually connect in a convo. Of course this is all my opinion.

I wish someone would take a picture of me on this park bench, and let me have it. This would be possibly on of the greatest photos I have ever conceieved. For real.

Rian and I broke up (refer down to the picture of me and the tan chick), and michelle won't talk to me (refer to me and white chick). Rian, I'm glad about. Don't have to deal with that headcase anymore. Michelle....idk why she stopped answering my texts...but I wish I could have a reason. I'd feel creepy if I went to her job (Wendy's across the bridge) and said "hey, your phone messed up?"

I stopped following some people on twitter. I'm tired of some people. If you think it might be you, it more than likely is. Then again, if it is you, your too "selff brazened" to care, problem solved.

Going to OCC taught me somethings: community college doesn't mean your dumb or poor. Just might mean you want to start off school well, you need credits, or any assortment.

Michigan people are the most opinionated people out there. If you ride a bike, you have to be poor and not own a car, or you just had a DUI. If you ride the bus, you must be lowe class. This is why I need to leaave her.

I find I am most at peace when I am alone in one area, with people walking by/sitting at a slight distance, and I have my music (and sometimes my note pad). I was tolds its called people watching. "Yeap, Ya Dig!" Says Charles Hamilton (Toy Story)

The title of this blog comes from today and really this week. I met a girl in my most depressing class (Death and Dying), and she's cute. but that has nothing really to do with her. Brittany Bauer has slowely become my best friend. Funny seeing as her ex (and my former friend) told me she hated me. A lot. But whatever, not in high school anymore. Heresay is for faggots. But back to the point. She is pretty cool and pretty cute. Hmmm. Anyways, this little baby looked @ it just stared. Didn't make a noise or anything. Just stared. I don't know what that means. This nice lady walked over to me, and sat down on the bench with me. We spoke for alittle. I was grateful, because I was about to pass out in the chair.

That taught me that not everyone is just too busy to say hello. And kinda made me smile for today.

But my ride is here, so I'm off.

"Tears Of Fire"

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