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Thursday, October 1, 2009

"I'm Real! I'm A Real Ass B!tch"

That...That is what i read on this lady's online profile.
she professed how real she was, and how if she didnt liek you, or thought you were being weird, she would let you know, and tell you to f*ck im waiting for that, right? and i figured i'd check if she got what i wasnt bad what i said. saw the message status "Read Deleted". means......she read it...and didnt respond....and deleted are real, your real ass trifling b*tch. and im not even saying that in ire, or out of anger. you called yourself shouldnt i be able to as well?

i mentioned this girl...female, earlier on here. well i got her name and her number. her name is Celeste. she is a painter/artist. she has a gallery opening, that i will attend. she is real cute. she is in my Death and Dying class.....oh yeah she's 23......what the f* every female i go to hit on at this god forsaken school either already has a boyfriend or looks like they are 18-20, and are in their mid 20s. and they say the same thing: "i thought you were 22-24", f*ck this....

Chicago this weekend....will see people clear my head...maybe get a new tattoo....miss a game....well....w/e they wont miss me too much.

w/e, i dont know what the point of this one was, besides sounding mopey.

oh yeah.....i reactivated my me on there?

@>--->--- Tears Of Fire

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