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Friday, February 19, 2010

Is This Thing On?

*tap tap tap*
So....I don't use this thing anymore....but...I guess I should now....seeing as some people read it a lot more often than I thought. So...that's a preluede. Also to add, this is Lent....and albeit I'm not religious, I am going 40 days with out some of them is swearing....I know right?

Anyways, I'm writing this to say: I didn't do anything to intentionally hurt anyone. I won't use names, but you know that I am talking to you when I say that. Actually you might not because you probably won't even read this, because you'll just shut yourself away from me....which is understandable. I don't hate you.....even if you did think I was a |crude word for a vagina| and probably still do. I shouldn't be mad, there for I'm not. And won't be. Alittle peeved when I asked you if there was anything else for our split, and you just said "seeing you as a friend" was it....I even asked just now and you said that....only in anger do I get the good stuff. I'm a |crude word for a vagina| and clingy as all get off. *nods* ok, I see you. You're probably right. And this isn't in sarcasm, I'm being serious with you for once. And yes I am sorry. You won't believe me. I know you won't, and that's cool. I don't believe in myself often so, I don't expect people to believe me often, but lemme set all of this straight: I didn't cheat on you, I know this. I did think about it. Not gonna lie...I didn't, though.
Here is what happend, I went on a date with a female friend. a platonic date.....I.e. I'm not trying to do anything that would compromise my relationship. We went to see a movie, and then just walked around downtown. She was about to get back on the bus, and she said and I qoute "I want my kiss" so I gave her a hug and a kiss....on the cheek....her responce, as to unexpectedly kiss me on the mouth, hence to why I almost fell off the curb. Did not expect that' all. I mean from then on, I wasn't thinking about you....I was enamored with that kiss.....but whatever. So....that's that....and tell sargent "snap-a-|penis|" to stop calling me "fam".....we are not fam, and I don't like wiggers. Sorry, if that sounds rude, but I'll be straight honest with you. Sorry, I realized all of that after we broke up. Anything you say about me is true, I won't deny....except....don't call me a cheater......because I'm not.

For real.....
Oh...and I'm "a f@ggot".....word? For real? ......and I'm immature....good thing I didn't reply to that text...."Fam".....get outta here, white chocolate. Lol

@>-->-->-- Fin


  1. you cheated!!!!!!!!!! thats cheating!!!!

  2. to fletcher,

    i see you nigga!


    yo nigga


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