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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"I Need To Know You're Out There Somewhere...."

well, that didnt go well.
i just recently broke up with the second girl i have ever broken up with...really the 1st because the other didnt count.
she didnt take it so well. i understand why...but at the same time....i dont.
she was attracted to me because of my blog (eh?) and because of my honesty....but yet when i gave her my honesty, she freaked out, and broke off all communications....any social networking site, phone, etc.
and in all honesty, it wasnt the complete truth.
i told her that i didnt really know why i liked her, but yet i went out with her, and thats why i wanted to break up, UNTIL i found a reason (didnt get to that part, and i'm sure she doesnt care). thats half of it. i kinda found a reason to like her....she made me feel better...and sorta with her words...but really with her self esteem. to which i could really say, is lower than mine....and thats low as heck. i have never heard her compliment herself ever, and she can correct me if i'm wrong, but i hope she can say what she said...because i dont remember that happening.
it grew on me after awhile...and actually made conversations bad....besides the fact she didnt speak to me. and no this isnt about how she failed to tell me when stuff bothered her. i only needed to know when the stuff that bothered her was me....which i found out, thanks to tumblr and subliminal messages on twitter and facebook....which is cool for some, not for I. but i'm not gonna force someone to do anything, because if they dont wanna do it, and you make them do it, its worse than them not doing it...if you still follow me. but she didnt speak on the phone, because she she didnt like to talk...which i respect....but its still pretty awkward, especially when you look at your call log with someone, and between about 40 calls between you two, you have called about 33 of them. i dont wanna be a nag...because i hate when women nag me, but i'd like to know someone cares enough to talk...i mean..atleast once every 2 days or soemthing...but whatever...i dont bxtch and moan, so let me stop now.

and as a side comment for, "karma is a bxtch, and you're gonna get yours"...i've already gotten mine...i think i'm straight on that...and wishing something on someone (thats a wish, dontchaknow) is just as bad as doing something

i'm glad for meaghan....sad for me, glad for her...hope she gets happy real soon....
i really have nothing else to say, maybe after you read this we can talk, and be friends...maybe not....
regardless, i felt it needed to be said....


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