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Sunday, June 21, 2009

1, 2, 3.....4.

3:36 am.
I'm wide awake.
Today was a debacle to say the least. I planned: to go to Great Lakes Crossing @ 9am with my cousin, then probably around 2, go to my ex's grad party, and then swing around a local tattoo parlor. INSTEAD: I didn't leave my house until 2PM, and my cousin ended up not going to great lakes crossing, hence me not being able to go to my ex's grad (Rochestor Hills is too far away to go, unless I am in the area), AND my day was just down. Its partial my fault, because after I found out my plans fell through (for the 2nd straight day) I kinda shut down my "happy zone" and was kinda mopey. Yeah I ended up acting like a jerk in the end. :-/

I did however make out with 2 gifts. This Mario Mushroom shirt :-) AND

This cool ass Chuck Norris shirt. Lol.

I owe my cousin an apology. I'll do it tomorrow before she leaves. Maybe next weekend won't fall through (Pittsburgh for the weekend to pick her <my cousin> up) she has a convention, called Cav Canem? (sp) all I know is only 50 ppl or around that # get accepted, and she got accepted. So bravo to her.

I can't get this taste out of my mouth. I made a nice biggun bowl of Rice Krispies, and dug in. "why does this taste kinda fruitish? Not so milky." low and behold I smelled the bottle, and although the "throw out date" is tomorrow, (the 22nd) the milke was awfully sour and bad. I wish I had not looked. I was half way swallowing, when I read.....I violently vomitted all over my grandma's garbage can. Muy delicioso.

I was supposed to go to a shock game watch the lovely and very attractive Tammy Sutton-Brown of the Indiana Fever, play the Shock. Indiana won, and TSB has 10pts and 9 rebs, with 1 its like a double double. (I predicted one Friday and Sunday) She is Bad as heck (for a basketball player). If I knew her, and didn't just tweet her.....I would not be single. :-)

I have the best Twitter trio of friends. Katherine D (@jjlola) Kyra (@kyra028) and Andrea (@ampersandrea) are the nicest and coolest people I know....on twitter. Lol and (@ampersandrea) is a graphic designer, so if you need something sketched...toss some dough and she will draw something cool as heck....she is drawing a tat of mine after all, wouldn't just leave that to any body. Lol.

Ya know what bothers me? People who don't unfriend you on things (like Facebook) but won't answer you ever. Texts, Facebook, twitter, etc. Like "The Pretty one"'s friend, and Danae Florias, and Kelsey Elliot. Acting stupid as hell for no reason. Smh :-/ just say "I don't wanna talk to your ass, you're annoying" and I'm gone. But not saying anything when I say hello? Whatever.

I was asked to hang out tonight by Miss Dick Berries :-) woulda hung out with her, Kieona, and "Miss Pretty" but alas, I'm on the eastside for tonight. So no hang outs for me.

I still feel very sick to my stomach, from that milk. Ugh.
I'm gonna watch the end of "Cowboy Bebop" and "Big O" so like until 5am, then I'm going to bed.

"out the front door, 2 fingers and I peace"


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