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Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Insides....

i feel like im i wanna just crap all over everything :-(
where is my axe? gotta smell this b*tch up like an Orange. lol
but really this isnt a game....i think im dying. omg.

found my favorite song from "Afro Samurai: The Game"

yeah guitar riffs out of this world.

i also like this

just because its a weird song. listen to it with the'll be lol

lately, i wanna take responsibility. cleaning my room, doing the lawn, dishes, leaves, etc. and idk why...
maybe its because i wanted to be seen as more of adult. ....and because i need money for tats and school. lol.

my friends are my friends...and i have developed an attraction to someone i shouldnt have one for. she is probably a bit younger...well not probably. i just dont wanna be like....yeah...not good.

my trail behind "miss pretty" as i will call her from now on, is drawing to an end, due to the fact i cant read her from afar, and the fact she really wont let me close has balls for you to get kicked in....shoulda wore a cup. lol

i am getting another tat, besides "tu tat de familia". i am getting a french one on my right shoulder/collarbone. it will read "C'est La Vie"...which is "Such is life" thats the way i live now. no more real lamenting. because thats stupid stuff.

i want a different backround besides this just normal black backround.....its so bland and sad....kinda like me :-O

"My Chippy" is such a peaceful song......idk why...but it makes me feel better.... :-)

i'm pretty much done for now.
Robot Chicken is on repeat.

i will add this though....that list of girls i like hasnt changed much.....maybe add one on...take one off...mmhmm....

and this....instrumentals make me wanna be fully tatted....idk why....

so otherwise......peace

@>-->-->--*Dirty Rose

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