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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

See this is why.....

I didn't want to be honest with all of you people. Now most of ya'll won't say sh*t to me. Yeah, that kinda annoys me....except minus kinda. Yeah, that sh*t really bothers me. A lot. Very much so. It shows how much of a friend you were, or maybe just the fact you were in awe, of a mirage or a farce personality. Idk exactly how to say it, but if your halfway bright, you'll get what I'm saying.

In other news, I told someone something before about a girl who a lot of people know and myself. I said "BETWEEN YOU AND ME" before I said anything.....and during our conversation, low and behold, I look on my twitter account....and can only frown because, everyone who was not supposed to see it, did see it. And she was questioned about it. Now that girl and I don't talk much anymore. Uncanny? I think not. Kinda annoyed but.....whatever, I should have expected it.

Now, EVERYONE has a twitter. Sportscenter, Fox Sports Net, The OKC Thunder, almost every sports athlete, hell, even my teachers have one. Akwardness much? I think so.

I tried to cut this pimple off my face.....I need some1 else to do it for me, because I stop when it hurts. That's how I can get tattoos, because I'm not very tolernt of pain I cause on myself, that's why people are surprised that I used to cut. look like 4 hours, lol, because I'd just stare @ the cutting item (scissiors, knife, letter opener, etc.) I know, I'm laughing about this, because its funny and sad.

I'm gonna get going, cause I don't have much to say right now. So, ttyl?


1 comment:

  1. They honestly is the best policy. The truth will set you free...even if it hurts. As long as your truthful with others and yourself, the path to enlightenment will begin to unfold.

    And twitter....I refuse to get one. I have facebook for a reason, so might as well use it.


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