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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


This is my entry. This is all.

Well, you played me for a fool, a heart wrenching tool/
One of these dudes whose compassionate, too much cord on my spool/
i'd get down on short notice, and be the 5th leg on your stool/
But, while I was kneeling/
You were reeling/
Back to where you came from, which I thought was the ceiling/
You, on that angel stuff, I thought you had wings/
But those must have been differnt things/
Like how your doing nothing, but your flying in a dream/
Like a mirage in some steam/
Instead of bullets, a beam/
Like dance party, except with a holloween theme/
You spooked me, scared me/
Then tied me up, and wasn't there for me/
But no matter how many times you cried and walked the path of the beat and broken/
When it came to pay the tool, I would always pitch the token/
But the time is drawing near, for these words to be spoken/
"look here, don't talk to me, when its on your tears and fears your choking"

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