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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wrong on so many level, xcpt the last

Great day yesterday, real talk didn't even do sh*t really.
"Whatever happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas......except for herpes...that stays with you forever" (funny ass stuff)

Rob aka Bobbito-Ones aka "Rob, Bob, and Slob" and I hung out....for the whole day. Like from like 12 to 2. (PM to AM). We hooped until our arms were sore @ my uncles. (not the f*ck up one, because that would mean we hooped @ my grandma's because he is too stupid to save his money so he can move out of his parent's house and get a damn job. That's right, I ho-ed that n*gga....AND?) then we left to go to my grandma's and just chilled out. Rob witnessed me choke away 2 games of 2K9 online....smh, to that last game esp....clevenland's ho ass team. Anyways, we then left for Southfield so Rob could get funky fresh, then went to the paladium.

(They had more chaldians and arabs in Birmingham @ night than a Saudi Arabian POW camp. its wrong, but I'm not fond of chaldos, hence my lack of chaldean friends. Males = because they mock African American culture OR they they invented it OR because they date black chicks <I'll get back to this one in a few> OR all of the above. I hate the females because of their fathers and brothers. Oh, let a sand n*gga man date a n*gga chick, but switch the sand to the other sex, and they will crusade on your ass, believe me from experience. And that's not just my thinking (or experience), my grandmother, nary a racist done in her body, believes that to be true and I realized all of this before she told me she knew that already. That's why I don't talk to agatha (...besides the fact she hates me for ho-ing that b*tch), rachel kassa, or any of the chaldo female. Ya'll shady. )

Anyways back on point. We saw "The Hangover", which I would give it a 9 1/2....outta 5. It won't top "Freddy Got Fingered" in my book, but sh*t was funny.

"Card reading isn't illegal....its just frowned masterbating on an airplane"

Last night I had a cold shiver up my spine and was reminded why I should become "The Turtle" (thank you for allowing/helping me to name it, Constance). My "underbelly" (or niceness/kindness) won't be taken advantage anymore. Oh I'm sure of that. I'm flipping over slowly, day by day, on to my "hard shell" (or calous-ness, meanness), and when I flip, I will stay this way. The only ones who won't feel that winter, are those under me. The ones who are nice and care. Them n*ggas. Otherwise, "peace, n*gga"

I came back here and realized I hadn't said why I got the shiver. It was because, someone told me I made them have a good day. I don't like hearing that stuff, B. Because if you have any friends, they should be able to do that too, and by no means am I a great friend. I'm a marginally good one who won't sell you out. That's about it. The reason why it was a cold shiver was because that scares me. Because although I am there for people for than I need to be, I'm not there ALL the time, and I'm sure most people won't f*ck themselves up, it still scares me alittle.

Someone didn't call me in the morning like they said they would.... :-/

Someone needs to "cool it, B" before I REALLY hurt them feelings. She knows who it is. Don't come @ me like you don't know me, because I'll make you wish you didn't, with your bone thin, no t*tty havin, ditzy ass. That's all for this right now.

Oh yeah, memo to me....
"Stop playing music on your phone until you wake up, it doesn't help @ all and just drains my battery"

But, I think I'll attempt to get ready, so "out the screen door, 2 fingers and I peace."


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