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Saturday, June 27, 2009

At peace :-)

------ Memo ------
I just realized. You aint all that. I'm happy now. You's kinda "not for me". It isn't that good kind either. Its that "eh......not so nice" kind. I'm kinda appalled now. At myself. I'm sorry, I'd like to be friends again and that's it. Really. No relapse. I promise. :-)

I got bad news today. I might have to end my track career until after surgery. And that's not good. I might have re-torn my rotater cuff. And if I did, I won't be pleased. I hope its just rust on my shoulder or a strain so I can resume working and working out. Otherwise.....f*ck. :-(

Rob and I are about to get back to recording. YEAH BOY! HOB, B*TCH!!!!!! :-)

These mosquitos aint no ho. All over everywhere. Buying me and stuff. I'm not too pleased about that.

I realized I like light skinned ckicks. Idk why. They just seem prettier. Hmmm.....idk. That might make some people not pleased. Some darker skinned females, lol. Sorry. If your darker than me......idk about that, lol. Maybe because all the darker skinned chicks I know are just f*cked up, huh? Lol. I'm not gonna name any names.

I just got a good idea. I'm starting a new blog. As in, i'm going to stop using this one. The new one will be happy. Like a rebirth....2.0. Lol. Reborn again....yeah, I like that. But for my last post, I just wanna say thanks, and with that I'm out.


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