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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Another long one....

So I'm @ the auto show, right now. And these people are some hoes. They check my bad immediately. A black small Nike shoe bag, that, OMG!!!! Has shoes in it. While this dude next to me, Chaldean/Arabic dude, has a big ass backpack on. They touch his bag. Then he is free to go. But I had to be detained for frickin 15 min.

"Where did you get a camera that expensive?"

Me- "its mine"

"that camera costs 1,500 dollars"

Me-" I am aware of the costs......I bought it."

"well there was a camera store robbed today, downtown...(Me-"That's news to me") do you know anything about it?"

Me-" no sir, can I go now"

"now just hold on a minute"....

I woulda said profiling for me being a young black......but they were young and black too so, I was

If another woman looks at my legs/feet again, I swear to god, I'm gonna kick her in her throat. Wtf is wrong with you? That stuff is impolite as f-. And you know that, you dumb broad. Yes motherf-er, I am wearing cleats that I wrote Chinese carecters on, and yes I'm wearing tights. Make one more side remark about me ad your going by, and I will rip out your larnyx. Atleast say something away from me....damn, rude ass broads.

Never seen so many black men and white women couples in my life. Kinda surprised me......a lot.....I,m not saying its bad, because that would make me hypocrite. A big one. I used to kinds only like white. Because black chicks used to be hella snobbish. You could still say I do, because I haven't had a REAL black chick in a long time. (no Meilani, your not a real black chick. Your a white girl. Yeah get mad.)

Ya boy hungry. He got 2 slices of pizza, and a slab of ribs! Damn! Hahaha, and a salad. I'm bout to swing by Small Plates and get some fries, then wait for mu padre

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