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Thursday, January 29, 2009

When I wake up in the morning, love....

"And the Sunlight hurts my eyes."

I had a good first half of a day. I went to southlake high school. More black kids than I thought were there. Those white people saw me, and they were like "excuse me, can I help you, sir?" then my cousin told them I was her teacher's aid. HAHA, I'm teaching your white kids how to read and write poetry, NIGGAZ!!! what I wanted to say. I worked with her for 2 classes. The first was mostly white. The 2nd was all but 3 black. The first class was funny. Literally, I walked in there and took off my over shirt because I was hot and all the girls just stared. I blushed. (yeah I blush) I thought they were like sophs and frosh. Not half of them were seniors.....right in my range.....nice ;-) the teacher was nice. She seemed really stressed out, and alittle started by my quiet demeanor. Those white chicks, *shudder* were looking right at my arms, trying to see my tattoos. One even moved my shirt. I looked at her and shook my head. She stopped. Real quick. Haha. I didn't talk much. I had nothing to say. The class asked me questions. I have 1 word answers. The 2nd class was straight up niggaz!!! Talked all during the teacher spoke, texted during lectures, ipod in during class. One of them girls, black (and she was kinda bad....kinda), started hitting on me. "Who is dis boy?" she said as she sized me up. My cousin said I was her aid. "well then, i'ma need some help then" was the responce. This one BAD ASS girl (bad ass = straight mean muggin) kept starting at me and saying things about me to her little crew. They snicked and looked back at school....ugh. Anyways. We had to introduce ourselves as: name, astrological sign, and 1 thing about us. Mine was: "Fletcher Sharpe, Taurus, and I run College Track." hers was "Niah, Taurus, and I like Facebook." to which my cousin said so does this one, in my direction.

I guess I kinda set myself up for it, but I don't like when a bunch of white people just stare me down. Kinda intimidates me. Makes me not think so well. Yeah. They kinda startle me. Eh.....

I got more taco bell. Yeah! :-)
Cheesy gorditas. Yeap! :-)
Waiting for grandma to get out my cousin's car. I call her "star trek", because when she wants to talk to you, she will pull you in like that tractor beam. Its kinda "ugh" but oh well.

I was strokin it today, haha. I was shooting it on one of those little kid hoops. Practicing game winning shots. Dribbling away, then fading away from the side, over the backboard, not looking, etc. I was cold, in both my shots and my hands. But I was killin, yeap. Let's hope it carries over to Saturday, so I am not bricking everywhere.

Damn, grandma! Wtf are ya'll talking about? They just got out the car. Probably my cousin's date. I don't like that dude. He just seems......fishy.

Ugh. I can't text anyone in this damn driveway. No damn signal. Grrr!!! :-/ I hate it. So much.

I'm still sleepy. I didn't get much sleep. Tried to stay up for the roddick/federer match. Couldn't because I was just tired. Roddick didn't win a set. Faggot. I hate him. He pushed my ESPN Streak for Ca$h losing streak to 5. I picked him to win 1 SET. Couldn't even do that....fag. :-/

"No bluff I cuff that 9 millie, I show em i'ma a soulja, Boy I gets Silly" ~one of malice's better lines....not about drugs, for once. Pusha T and Malice are just 2 real people. They are just up front, "we rap about drugs and don't lie" damn.....

Anyways, I'm gonna take a seista.

HOB UP!!!!

P.s: the stuff from my phone is better than to stuff from a comp....but its all! :-P

1 comment:

  1. First off, I didn't mean to upset you from the last note with my comments, that wasn't my intention. I wanted to apologize for that.

    Well, about that shit that happened at the high school, just remind yourself who they are, and that your in college. Simple as that. You win at life just for that simple reason.

    And yeah, my Grandmother's are pretty They say things when you ask or, or if they truly feel the need to.

    And it seems like you enjoyed stroking........hmm........... :P

    And yeah, don't let the whities get to you. Same with that Taco Bell. When you end up dying at like Thirty something, your gonna be in limbo wondering why. Lol j/k.


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