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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Keenan Bell

Today was good I guess.
We won in basketball class. I went 2/3 with 4 points. I made a critical play. A key put back with 00.2 on the clock.

Then the photo teacher likes my stuff. She also likes my tattoos....and my "figure"? I hope she doesn't like.....think I'm cute.....that's kinda....akward. Eh....

Then I checked my tattoo @ the parlor. The guy said it was going well. The lettering is too light. I'm gonna get it highlighted in black.

Then I saw Marysia again. Yay! We had fun. I bought 16 dollars in taco bell. THOSE CHEESY BACON GORDITTAS ARE GOOD AS HECK! Boy!!! Them are good!!!! Like.....I came in my pants.

Then we watched DLS beat UofD in basketball. They (DLS) called UofD's fan section "Gay", but when UofD said they can keep their old coach, Mr Trudel stepped in and said "No, none of that"......see that's why no one respects UofD. And that's why no one will.

Man I am a terrible direction giver. We are going to right way, after I messed up with directions. Like I messed people up, and stuff. Really. I feel bad. Marysia's friend, w/e her name is, probably thinks I'm dumb as heck. And directionwise I am. And I feel bad as heck. I'm sorry, Marysia. She needs to get home, and I do too. Got class tomorrow. Got TEST tomorrow. MATH TEST tomorrow. And I haven't studied @ all. I need to get home and hammer these books like carpenter.

Just stepped in. Feel like a genuine asshole. I think Marysia is mad @ me, and won't say it. Her friend DOES think I am dumb. Plain and simple. Idc what her friend thinks, but I do care a lot what Marysia thinks. I feel soo bad. But.....*sigh* oh well.

This girl, named Amanda, likes me a lot. I like her, she's cute.....but she has 2 kids....idk if I like that....haha....., but she is cute though. Real cute. Well, cute enough. Yeah, cute enough. I'd hit......yeah....I'd hit, for sure.

Idk if the UofD kids actually like me, or just mock me, but they do talk to me....a lot. Well more than you'd think. Its weird, but whatever.

Serena Williams is making a comeback. She is strong as heck. I don't think she is cute....really, but she is a great tennis player.

I'm watching afro samurai: resurrection again. Its a good movie. Aside from me liking it.
"she got ass for days, ya heard"~ Ninja Ninja.
Hahaha, I'm sure Samuel L Jackson loved saying that. Clive Owen and Samuel L are my two favorite actors. Clive because of his demeanor, and Samuel L because of his humor. Like I can't help but watch his movies, and laugh sometimes. Because he just has that yell makes you wanna bust out laughing. I still don't know what Afro did to Sio's step parents/friends, but they wanna F- him up.

Back to Tennis. Serena is making a huge comeback. Kuznetsova (her opponent) is crumbling under pressure. Serena just said "I'm am not losing" and Kuznetsova just said "ok, here take the match.....lemme just score a little" one of my boys, Tsonga is about to start. Tsonga! Black tennis!!!! Yeah!!!! :-)
And serena just zapped one right down the line for the W. And I do mean ZAPPED.

Back to Afro S. I'm sorry this show is HARD. And that instrumental is still hard. I wish I could find it.
"your forehead is huuuuge!!! That's a 4x4x4 head!!!"~Ninja Ninja
HAHAHA! I'm gonna use that one. Rubin wasn't lying. The soundtrack of Afro Samurai is terrible. All these songs talk about the same thing. Soundtrack songs aren't supposed to. At all. There is like 2 songs that are good.

Australia looks beautiful. I wanna go there. There all on serena's tip. Super hard. I mean I know she is great, but hop off, damn! I'm trying to hear about (Jo-Wilfried) Tsonga. Tsonga....beat James Blake? Oh yeah, he is a G. He better go all the way. And he killed him on the final serve. Damn! What a serve. Tsonga is really American. He isn't french. I'm sure, haha.

Afro samurai has 2 catch phrases the whole series. "Watch your damn mouth" and "Shut up"......that sister is a weirdo. She acts like she is hitting on her brother. Its kinda weird. Why does afro smoke so much weed? That's why Ninja Ninja exhists, because of the weed. *sigh*

Back to tennis. Tsonga's match just started. :-)
DAMN Sabers Dropped 10 goals in a game against Oilers. Not an ALL STAR game. A REGULAR game. I hate Andy Roddick.
DAMN Tsonga hits hard. Its kinda wild sometimes, but he hits hard as heck.

Matt Bonner scored 20? What? Against who? He is so ass. That's like Brain Cardinal scoring at all. That terrible. Tsonga can't stop Fernando Verdasco's serve, but Verdasco can't stop Tsonga's. Jo-Wilfried just hit a majestic shot.....I feel like one of those weak commentators. Haha. I really should stop. This is a long blog.

I am eating brownies, chocolate milk, chips and barbaque sauce. Yum.......I was about to go to sleep, and for some reason I can't. *sigh*
That's not healthy, not at all.

Haha red wings lost, haha. I'm kidding. I kinda like them.... Alittle.

Tsonga is the truth. If he loses, idc he is one of my favorite tennis players. Tsonga, Gael Monfiles, and James Blake. The trifecta. Right there. As everyone knows, I don't like the pistons. My 2 favorite teams are the Blazers and the Hawks. My 2 favorite bad teams, by bad I mean real bad, are the Oklahoma City Thunder with Kevin Durant and Jeff Green and Russell Westbrook ("K Deezy", "J-Greezy" and "Russ Weezy") and the Washington Wizards, with Twan Jamison, Caron "The Killer" Butler, and Nicky "Buckets" Young. Yeap, people thought I was crazy when I jumped on the Hawks as soon as they got Joe "Smooth"Johnson. They also said I was crazy when I jumped on the blazers when they traded for Rudy "On your Face" Fernandez. Yeah, who's crazy now?
Bad young teams get good when they age abit. The lakers won't be THAT great soon. The Celtics will be bad in a year or 2. The Pistons will be too.

But my eyes hurt, and I'm texting Lindsay. So lemme get some sleep soon

HOB UP!!!!

P.s.: Tsonga aint no ho. He is strong as heck!

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  1. I'll tell you right now....they do kinda make fun of you. Like the way you still hang out with them, how you really aren't in school (I told you my thoughts about that, the way you dress, how you claimed to walk on as a punter for Michigan State, the list continues.......

    And it's Tony T. He deserves no respect.

    And Serena said it was hot, as hell, and she hated playing in that weather. But w/e.

    Sadly I'm not a big Afro Samurai fan, other anime/manga yes. Even tho Samuel L Jackson's voice is kickass in whatever he does.

    And don't talk about the Celtics....that's my team...their on a comeback...nigga. Lol.


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