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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ah...Fuck You...Uh Huh

(well, lookie hear, i'm on the comp for once)

well, i thought i had actual friends....ok class of 09
fuck ya'll yeah
most of ya'll......
dont ask me to come to the Y with ya'll anymore
dont tag me in that shit
i will make sure ya'll cant go.
i probably have 2 friends in ya'll group
one i have to keep paying for and the other always says mean stuff to me (atleast its directly)

but i got ya'll....uh huh....fake ASS niggas
and i dont say that often.....hoes

Pistons Suck....
i hate them...alot....
i hope Minnisota beats them


i hate fake people

remeber when we were "BEstie/Bf/All That Jazz Eccetera/
back when we shared happy feelings a plethera/
back when we were the better friends, with no gripe/
now when we speak that sh*t dont feel right/
back before when everyday we used to text/
back before you put me off, for boys to sex/
yeah back when i was your REAL "bestie"/
Not just some dude, who when you talk to, you get all testy/
but you claim oh man, you miss me/
then why every ample chance, i hear, you diss me?/
you laugh in my presence, and then dismiss me/
so until further notice, you can step of my chest, and kiss deez/

(thats all for now....yeah)

im gonna start writing more often
its a good way to vent....
better than talking to one of those other HOE ASS peoples.....
like a floppy plank they give way, when you start on them.
its cool though.....

anyways, i gotta go
i'm gonna post later tonight (morning)

P&L (no not really)
HOB UP!!!!

P.s.: ...pistons won....and the hawks lost...fuckin a!

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