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Saturday, January 24, 2009


"when I wake up in the morning, love....and the sunlight hurts my eyes...."

I got my ASS handed to me today. But there is some good that came out of it.

In the 60, I came in 17th place outta 20. But I beat 2 people from UofM and 2 people from Valporaso. And I PR-ed. :-)
Then I came in 12th outta 20 in the 200 meter. But I beat some people.
AND I bought the new "Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts" game.
AND I saw some people who I had not seen in along time. Like Thebolt, Darrick "Stank", Phil Clark, Rubin, and My Ex Amanda. She looks abit cuter, than last time. Still kinda gumpy when she runs. She did worse than I did......HAHA, I'm spiteful.

I had a view with women talk with Rubin, that made me feel like I should do comedy.
Rubin: "Your such a chovanistic boyfriend"
Me: "B*tch, come here so I can smack your stupid ass"

*sigh* haha, I know.
Melissa's dumb ASS was questioning me about one of my notes where I sounded really sad. B*TCH, if you spoke to my ass more, maybe I won't be so pissed all the time. Damn.....stupid ass. And to top it off, your racist ass sister is a lot cuter than you are. And she aint no goddess either.

ANYWAYS, I have to apologize to Molly, and somewhat to Marysia. Marysia only somewhat because I took out some nessisary anger on her. But to Molly a lot, because I freaked out on her for no reason, and it was very uncalled for. Sorry, wifey. I love you. :-P
Haha...."wifey" I hate that word.

ANYWAYS, Afro Samuri is coming on today!!!! YESS!!! :-D

On that note, "I'M OUT DIS BYTCH!!!" haha.....

HOB UP!!!! me ishmael, nigga.....yeah I said it

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  1. Ok then, "ishmael", hopefully next time you can do better. And that new Banjoo kazooie looked weak. Wait till Mid Feb and get F.E.A.R. 2. Shit will bang, trust me.


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