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Friday, January 23, 2009

Oh my heart. So fragile

Yeah I can be a pus at times, not gonna lie. I am pretty emotional. I think more with the tattooed part of my body (heart) than I do with the hairy part (head, or penis, depending on how you wanna think)

Chick, if your sick, aint your ass supposed to stay inside. And get better. So if your so sick, why is your ass going out? Esp when the excuse you gave me for not going out was because your too sick. I spent the whole day wondering how you were. And then I get that bullcrap? Nigro, you've got to be kidding me. I thought you were a main stay of kindness. My first ever "sister" AND you give me this bull? Man F-that!

My shoulder stings a lot. But "IT LOOKS HARD AS F*CK!!!" hahaha. Stupid. I should go back to UofD and show Mr. Peters. Wonder is he would be like "sweet" or like "wtf?" I'm sure Mrs. Bennets would, idc. Its for me anyways. Not them.

I'm talking to this 8th/9th grade friend of mine I haven't seen in ages. I don't mean talking like "I'm trying to get on" because that would be nasty as hell. But she is cool. Kinda whore-ish @ time but cool. Her name is Eva. She'd be cute if she was older and didn't enjoy taking it from the back so much. But whatever. That's her, and not me.

I hate when white people leave me slobe in hall ways, by myself. I alway get a bad idea that something bad is about to happen. Now all the black people show up, and flock to one area.......*sigh* we're all gonna die of sniper. And no not through the window, but through a random wall, that just opens a little and *poof* dead.

I think its funny, when I openly say I don't like someone here, and they still continue to talk to me because they don't read it here. That's hilarious. That's like me saying "F-you" only to find out you speak no English, and don't understand me. HAHA.....

I have bad gas. This pilates won't be good for the person behind me. I gotta by my own mat too, so I don't get sick from disease. That would quite unfourtunate, or however you spell it.

I'm gonna go back to texting Eva though.

HOB UP!!!!!!

P.s.: meet tomorrow @ UofM....go me!

P.p.s: I'll be back today.....I think, haha.

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  1. Ehh, not much I can say here. Except........idk. You tell me.


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