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Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Day That Was

So I'm on the people mover, and its packed, like sardines. Or like the amistad. :-/
And no black people. Except me. I saw that on a garbage can. I found it funny. These white kids are trying to grim me. They need to stop. They don't want it. Not at all.

Anyways I got a good work out on. It was intense but not killer. Kevin, my cousin who works there, said he is gonna set me up with this lady who works there in a 1-on-1 game. Haha, gonna get the W!!!.....I hope.

I feel snow through the people mover doors. I don't feel safe.
Dang! No one gets on/off @ the fort cass station or Michigan ave station. Only Greektown, Joe L, and Cobo are getting any work. Now I wanna go to the auto show. This what I do when I am bored. I ride the people mover, for people watching.

This is my dude. I didn't have time to get a better picture. Doors were closing.

This white couple wanted me to get off. I like making some white people uncomfortable. Serves them right, come to Detroit for more than one reason, asses. And I know the difference. The white people from Detroit, don't have a problem with me looking them in the face occasionally. The others bristle up, like I heard them say something about me. So I will look @ them until they move. This white chick infront of me is chubby. Hope she don't think I think she is cute. Because I don't. Nasty ass lookin ho. WHY IS THE DUDE SHE IS WITH WEARING NFL FOOTBALL GLOVES? YOU AINT ATHLETIC OR HOOD. *sigh*

This cutie just say next to me. I'm standing mind you. She just sat right there. She asked me the time. My heart fluttered. Haha. I'm such a sap. I don't wanna just ask her for her number. She says no, and then I have to get off the people mover :-( and I don't wanna.

These white kids are acting all hood. Then they looked up, saw me and whispered. Silly white people, tricks iz 4 NIGGAZ! (lmao, sorry)

The girl left. She smirked @ me. Ah FUCK man! She liked me. :'( I missed my chance.

I'm sorry but, I have never seen this many white people in Downtown Detroit since Warped Tour. And they still look somewhat startled.

This like my 8th time around, and I'm not so bored :-D.

Some old white dude just forced the doors open. Cane and all. Then again he was kinda chubby.

This old crazy dude just got on, around the same time "Chalk it out toss" by Lil Wayne feat Briscoe on my ipod. Bad things will happen, hahaha. That's bad.

There are 2 "Black man, white woman" couples near me. One is business. The other is hood.....and fat. :-/ for some reason, I now from down upon fatness, and I don't like it too much.

These black chicks just got on with one dude. One looks just like Artina, this girl I know. I kinda freaked when I saw her, because we had a fallout recently, and it ended with my opinion of her being a groupie. So.....yeah. I still <3 her though, if she cares. But it wasn't. She (and her friends) keep lookin over here and talkin. Aint nothin over here for you. And that dude she with look like one of them soft dudes who front then get his ass lit up.

My Boy CC and Doughboy from the Lions and Cardinals just got on! Startled my ass. Not gonna lie. They look a lot different.

This has the most I written without it being a paper or poem in a long time. Matter of fact, I still got go home and write these 2 papers. DAMN!

Awe hell I saw another ex, Patty Wyza and her ugly ass face. Ewwwwww.

This is a fun day. I'm reaching that tubesteak hating level. Haha, 22 GAZILLION hits. Hahahaha.

I should probably phone home soon.

My dad is funny.
"What the fuck are you doing riding around that thing 10 times? Why dint you tell me the gym closed?"

Me- " I wanted to ride"

"I guess, I'm leaving now"

There are a lot of white people here.

"weren't you on here an hour ago?"

Me- *smile* "nah, I got a twin"

"well he looks a lot like you"


There is this lady who looks a lot like syren, the porn star. She just got off, and I don't mean mastrebated. Haha.....that wasn't funny.

Little Brother, well really Phonte, is the Truth. Big pooh has his momments.

A girl with a garden city varsity jacket just walked on the people mover. Ewww them ugly ass hoes.

My dad is still watching basketball. So he can't get me.....but I'm actually enjoying this.

I set up another tattoo appointment. For Monday. Just to check.

These police, 3 of them, with fully loaded pistols and semi-automatic rifles just got on. And the people mover got REAL QUIET. Kinda startled me, as well. That rifle. Has a scope and everything.

That officer keeps looking @ my hand. Like I'm gonna pull out a gun or something. WTF?

I don't like the way they are looking at me. I'm starting to get kinds pissed. REALLY pissed. Some white dude (white his garden city daugter) talked guns with one of them. I really don't like now. Not all. I see why some people vomit crimes, esp the black ones. And I see why white people don't come to Detroit: men with guns. There was a little girl who cried when she saw them. Hell I would cry if I was her too.

My ipod just died. Boo! :-(
Now I gotta listen to backround banter.

Yeah I don't these cops walking around with these rifles. I'm kinda startled. JUUUUst alittle.

Ok I'm done. My thumb hurts, haha.

Peace and Love

P.s.: "so feel free to rewind, or double back like you 2 or 3 spines"



  1. Fletchie, I loved this! SO cool.
    I have a really strong urge to ride the people mover now, lol.

  2. My father always rides the people mover. He works downtown. You know that one part where your going towards the river from Cobo? We were on and people thought we we're gonna fall into the river lol.

  3. Alexis is invading even your blog, mister. She says: "Fletcher, you are one bored sob, aren't you? I did like the "packed like sardines. or the amistad" line, though, as startling as it was to see. i totally agree about being pissed off that the police were eyeing you and your hand. Bastards, piss off already. We aren't going to hurt the nice white people, even if they don't see anything in Detroit other than the auto show.

    Did you go to the auto show, btw?"


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