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Friday, January 30, 2009

Roger Federer

I'm sorry, that new Unforgivable is hilarious. I can't help but qoute it. A lot. Its not even the fact that its obcene, anymore. Its the fact he actually is saying for funny and intellectual things. "Thanks, Bay-Be!" HAHA!

That pilates class makes me hate Friday mornings. But I descovered something by sitting in the back of class. There is this cute light skin girl, named Dawn, who is not like BAD, but she is cute. Cute enough for me. I might try and put the words on her next class. Hope I don't get hoed.....badly.

English class was....great. I guess I was named "the funny kid". Idk why. I was just being honest about stuff. An example: teacher says you find a skull in the middle of the street. What do you do? My responce: "What the hell is this doing here? This dude must be sloppy as heck to leave a skull here" then I would leave because that's not a good sign. I didn't know the teacher would read mine out loud. I blushed <again>. But people laughed. So I didn't feel bad. Also, when I had to read my journal topic on polygamy, people agreed and laughed. I is smart. :-D

I also noticed a cute middle eastern girl in the back. Her name is (might spell it wrong) Dessislava. She is real cute. I think she sees that I like her too. She smiles @ me.....all the time. I don't think its mutual.....but....w/e, I can dream, right? Honestly, I'd rather mack on that Dawn girl rather than "Dessi" (as she asks us to call her), just because I like the athletic type a little more. But hey.....they both meet my standards. I might try and sneak a pic of them. Haha....voyeur style, ya dig? (I would never do that)

I'm sad. I found out that other cute girl in my English's classes name. Its Kelly. Its just now I heard this: "I bought my boy friend these pistons tickets for Christmas"......ah...DAMMIT! :-(
Oh well I guess that aint workin out, huh? SON OF A GOD! :-/

Bout to hook up my xbox I can go back to blasting fools...HAHA.

Bout to go take a duece

HOB UP!!!!

P.s: idk......nvrm

1 comment:

  1. To save you the trouble Fletch Cakes, no, im not going. I don't even know where it is, actually. But that was poem was pretty good, im not gonna lie. But onto this entry.

    English is meh. At least your teacher doesn't grade off of names.

    And Fletcher, get the digits and get the cakes. That's all I can really say here.


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