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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Poem and Truth

"Oh Dont Get It Twisted In My Last Post/
I wasnt mad, i was stating im not a hoe/
if your gonna be ballsy, step to my face and roast/
but if you think im gonna sit here and take it, no, the wrong joe/
i'm systematically speaking/
about the backside reeking/
of these dudes, who are sometimes close, but always faking/
them dudes is d*ck taking/
with that back door butt smaking/
but i pick ya'll out like a fro, or nose digging/
but honestly, ya'll h*e @$$ dudes/
how can you speak about me, like we in a fued?/
but its cool, i got something intresting for ya'll to find/
I'll Joe Budden ya @$$, leave you in a Saigon state of mind/
words so fluid, and choppy, spoken with no attitude/
i aint mad, but nah...F*ck you/"

no im really not mad...because yeah i am weird.
i hung out with ya'll sorta because i THOUGHT ya'll were cool ass friends....
THOUGHT...but i have been wrong...and i am....
dont ask me to do sh*t with ya'll really.
caleb tricked me into this YMCA thing saturday. i thought i was gonna go,....and he might me up there for abit of "Trapper's Alley" on the comeback...that F&C connect.
then this dude said "lemme ask everyone in a message"
WHY YOU NEED TO BALL OUT WITH DUDES YOU BALL OUT WITH @ YOUR OWN WACK @$$ HIGH SCHOOL FOR? (i just realized i held shift the whole time.....thats what cap lock is for >_<)

but really? why?
it dont make sense to me....but whatever.
if all tehm dudes show up, i am not coming down to help them
i am putting that here, RIGHT NOW.

man this espn streak......4 in a row....AND i picked the cavaliers (ya'll know i hate lebron) AND they lost to the is going on?
AND Gonzaga is currently losing to Patty Mills and Saint Marys....AT HOME?!?! YA'LL SUPPOSED TO TOUGH @ HOME. YA'LL BETTER NOT F**K ME OVER, OR I'MA BLOW YOU HOUSE UP!!!! i wont....but i am getting kinda pissed.

i had a weird ass dream today.
a bunch of white kids that i knew and i lived in this cul-de-sac. (proper way to put it)
and we just we all friends....
and this girl, Grace O'Malley, (some of you might know her...some of you might just be Facebook friends with her) was the female protagonist....
thats rich...because i used to like her alittle...she's cute...but..too weird for me....thos play people...*shudder* ended up with me chasing Sam Castillo (go figure) to his house, and finding Grace, unclothed (dont ask), asking me "why did you follow?" to which i said "what?" and woke up....sweating......DAMN
IDK WTF just happend....

i got this lame ass pilates/physical ed class tomorrow......
but atleast there is english....and this blog class assingment....

I'ma get an A...HAHA

but im gonna do this then go back to sleep

P&L to you UNHOE @$$ N!GG@Z
HOB UP!!!!

p.s.: i hope your not one of the people going saturday......
thats all i have to directly say to you

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