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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ya Boy is....... a manual car. Stick Shift. 7 pts, 6 rebounds, 3 blocks, 3 assists, and......3 fouls < :-/ > on 3 of 5 shooting. (Shoulda been 9, but one shot went all the way down and came out)

Lemme paint you the picture of what happened. 45-45, with 25 seconds left. My guy jumps a cross court pass, takes it coast to coast, and lays it up. Our coach (another player) calls a timeout. He subbed in a 3 point shooter. The shooter gets the ball with 12 seconds left. He gets trapped. Kicks it to me with 8 seconds left. I turn and shoot..........."Call Me Ishmael, BEYOTCH!!!!!!!"......all net. 48-47 yellow team (my team). Then this guy and I forced a guy into a contested shot. He missed, we rebound, game......blouses......I'm kinda mad I hit it. Because now they will cover me tight now, haha. I better come looking all different......

Some dude was grimming me in the bathroom, talking about how Obama is going to crash the nation like a drunk behind a car. I don't believe that but, be kept going on and on. Finally I was like "dude, back off. I didn't vote for the man!".....and that's true. I did not. I went Nader. And my reasoning will sound not true, and maybe make some black people hate me. My reason was because I knew he was gonna win. I knew that there was some group of rebelious white kids like "I hate my republican dad. I'm gonna vote in Obama to piss him off" or some people who were like I wanna be apart of famous time of life" or even a wigger who is "just lookin out for a nigga" so I knew he'd get about 1/3 to half of the white vote plus, almost all the black vote (I know some black people who didn't vote for is named Alex T.) so I felt, he didn't really need my vote. Besides they didn't count them like individually.....and if they did, it still didn't matter. I know I don't know much, haha. But I actually got in a fight with this white bitch (yeah she was/is a bitch, named Ashley Puccio, (and her dumb ass sister Angela Puccio). Look here. This bitch told me I voted for Obama because I was "logically thinking that McCain was bad" and when I said "are you saying that I went Obama because I'm black?" she said "Oh, you def voted for him, your playing the race card, your so a democrat" BITCH, DON'T MAKE ME COME THROUGH THE SCREEN, AND SLAP YOUR BITCH ASS!!!! I was heated....haha.....

But I can't really walk right now, I hit my knee into the wall, chasing the wall. My photography teacher is a trip. "Smoke Crack, not Cigs. Its safer" haha! And she was all happy that Bush left. She is one of the old hippies. She is EXTREMELY democratic.

But class is about to start.

HOB UP!!!!

P.s.: I am....."Klutch, like Kobe!!!!" haha

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  1. Well to start off, I watch saying that if I ever came to you like you ok, then you would know its me, and you could could confide in me. Just for future references.

    Anyways, CLUTCH, NIGGA!!!!!!!! Lol. And about voting Nader, me personally I wouldn't have voted for him, but it was the safest way without causing any controversy. And many people did vote Obama because he was black, Let's just be happy that people are at least happy right now. While the economy isn't gonna get better over night, at least steps are being taken to make it better. So enjoy it somewhat, and whatnot. Keep it black, Fletcher, and don't ever forget to go into battle without a helmet.


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