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Monday, January 26, 2009


I'm sorry about yesterday's blog. It was supposed to be complete, but I hit send twice but accident, out of my texting habit. And then as I was making it longer my phone ran out of memory. Which made it slow. So when I saved the text and turned it off, then turned it back on, all my texts and phonelogs where gone. "DAMMIT!" is what I yelled on that crowded people mover. I was MAD AS F-

Afro Samurai came on yesterday. THE hardest cartoon EVER made. The ending made me very mad, but the movie was brilliant, like Guiness. Who ever drew it, has hands of a god. Like really. The beats were great too. Not all of them, but some of them. There was one I want. I wanna just listen to it again and again.....possibly flow over it. If you watched it, its the beat that plays when he meets ninja ninja (the white haired sidekick ninja ghost) again. I actually had to rewind it (you know I TiVo-ed it, haha) because I didn't hear the diolouge the first time because I was so wrapped into the beat.

WOW I almost sent this one, again. Good thing I cancelled it, as soon as I realized what happend.

I left my wallet at home......
I'm gonna be so hungry/thirsty when I the stuff I brough runs out. Thanks dad for rushing me.......

My phone went off in the library.
The librarian "What song was that?"

"Gettin it by the cool kids"

L- "isn't Little Wayne (she said little not lil) in that song?"


L- " ok, I'll let it slide. Turn off your ringer though"


Yay math class!!!!
I hope there isn't a text today. I did no type of studying what so ever. There for, I'd be screwed,.......badly.

White people make me mad.
Dude just walks by and steps all on my shoes with his girl. My feet were out from the bench, but there is atleast 15 fricken feet on the otherside of the hall way, where no one was standing, but no. He chooses to walk all on MY forces. If we wernt in the OC, I would swing on him, with out saying anything. He does not know how hard I worked this morning to clean them.

I'm so hungry, I can't eat these chips with out water. Too salty.

Yeah I noticed white boy walked on the other side of the hall wall on the way back. He knew I would bring the hammer....haha.

I just saw a lady who looked like Shaun White!!!! Idk if that's a Shaun White diss, or if that's a diss on the lady, but if I was her friend, I would call her "The Flying Tomato" a couple of times.

"Don't Stop" By InnerPartySystem is on repeat on my ipod.

"The Road I walk is paved in gold, To Glorify my platinum soul/ I'll buy my way to talk to god, so he can live with what I'm not...../
The Selfish blood runs through my veins, I gave up everything for fame....I am the lies that you adore, I feed the rich, and F- the poor."

That's a cold ass dude.

There is this one scary ass white chick. And by scary ass I mean, she looks affraid when ever me or my mans (who is also black) looks at her....weird huh? Haha. One day, I'm just gonna tail her after class. And freak her out.

I'm so tired, I should pay a dude to finish my sentences......haha....but really. Staying till 3 wasn't smart.
I need a shave. And I need a line up. Because the hat don't cut it when it gets hot inside, and I can't take off my hat due to my embarresment of not visitin the barber yet. Eh, sticky sitting on a cum shot.

I hate when older black dudes act like they are the ish just because they have all the newest gear. The gear is mainly for all the younger people dude. You aint sweet. You old! Haha.

This OCD chick just sat next to me......she was all kinda happy to talk.....
I'm not in a talking mood, I continuing this blog on my phone.

That scary chick came up to me, to speak to the other chick. Haha. She did look me in the eyes though. She looks like my friend Renee Cholyway. A lot. Except Renee isn't scared of black people.....well atleast not of me. I smirked at her, she flinched. And said that she tripped......terrible lie.

Anyways clas begins in 10. Lemme get my mind right.

HOB UP!!!!!

P.s: I hate this place......
Gah! Haha

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  1. Yeah, im late, but whatever. And I'll line you homo......j/k I don't cut hair. But just approach her in all your negro like way of going at things, and then ask her to make you a chicken sandwich and some waffle free....


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